Amesh & Amshar From Orion

Welcome this is Amesh, I am a Light Being, We are a Collective of souls whom are interdependant upon Supportive Life Venues for Extraterrestrials all over the Universe. We have come here to allow yourselves to become Whole, through Meditation and Analysis of our Core Interdependances. We wish to speak to you today of the Importance of your Species Evolution… Certainly Earth is going through Many Shifts in these times… We wish to let you know of the Importance of our lives many dissembled Proprietal Grids of Universal Life Force’s. We have come to support you in your Growth and we allow for Protection Over Whom may need it in causes of great Dissaray.
If you will, the Importance of your lives seems to be ratter Unpleasant in Many Cases while you are Indeed in a “Manufactured Area” within Space with many Projects which are Ongoing and Growing in Exponential Matters towards the Effects of your Suns many New Energies, Being send on Out.

You see, the effects of these energies comes from far back in reaches of time and Space… The Quantum Molecular Structure of matter is Dissociated from the Telekinetic Energy which is Transformed and Send on Out to your Solar System… In which case, the assimilated Energy or Energetic Grids, formulate at the exact time what is needed for your Species to act accordingly, and not loose focus of the Assimilated Patterns of Energy (Energetic Codes for Download) which suffix the extremities of what you term your Language Index (Indexing Capabilities) and Sub-Normal Venues of Interplanetary Transgressions which lie’s Dormant in Simultaneous Responses of your Many “Held or Ingrained” Realities.

You see, the realities we hold and Play into, have many fabrics of the Cosmic Universal Order of your Known World Ideologies, which have come about by ‘Implanting Associations of Energetic Grids’ which formulates from Extra-Sensory Perceptions, what we come to find as Systems Capable to Encode or Decode Matter with what you have termed your Language.

Namaste, that is all for now, we are with you and supporting you in your growth, REMEMBER Keep a Close Eye out for what some may have termed the event on your Earth… Because of the energetic Grid Assimilations… By which the Cosmic Universal Order “AI” in Place in your Galaxy… The portended Fabrics of the Simultaneous Scripts which are comming from Earth’s Cosmic Universal AI… Is being Conflicted, By Memory of a Transparent Being Living beyond the Edges of the Cosmic Universal Order of Space.

We leave you Be, Thank you for Supporting Us towards the New Messages of Hope and Peace… As prosperity Unfolds, we shall allow new Telemetric Formulations, for us to transcode the Information, through you as to allow simultaneous advances of Multidimensional and Cosmic Universal Proportions of Attomic Energy Transcriptions through Multidimensional Resonance Factors.

Until Next Time, We are the Cosmic Evolutionaries from Space whom have come far and spread Wide in Areas around your Solar System. Be wise, and choose the Right Path for your Newest Formulations of Thought. We shall assist you in all pertaining Matters, Until we decide that the Next Opportunity, meets it’s case (Manifestation of the Event).

Gooday Now.



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