Higher Resonance

This pertains to Our Individual Fields (Life Force) this is Amira, I will Speak to You today of the Higher Resonances by Which your Galactic Beings or Extraterrestrials are working with through knowledge of HAF (Hyper Active Fields)…
The dissociated Fabrics of Cosmic Energy Ingrained Within your Genomes… Is many times “Limitless” what is expected out of this, is similar in how we have come to Obtain Many Energetic Patterns which Outgrowns us, and brings us to a ‘Conformity’ within our own selves… The Higher Resonances are achieved by Simply energetic Clearings or Energies which works similar in effects of Higher Displacement of your Choices… From Encounters of Lower Energetic Patterns… Which shifts according to your General Structure (Way of Being and Pertaining Health). What we assume to find in this Channeling is that the energetic Grids which are disposed within the Subatomic Molecular Structures or Grids which enacts out Prousperous Energetic Formulations for our Genomes Core Processes… Through the Mind we find the Energetic Transcriptions that change the Structure of Matter or Energy which is Spliced according to our Generic Constants (The feedback attained by an event) Modulations of Higher Octaves of Perceptions which Hinders the effective Causes of our Well Being or Optimum Health… This is Codesigned For our Bodies to Assimilate and Dissipate accordingly as to allow the New Energetic Formulations (Or System if you think of an Operating System within a Computer) to run more effectively by Helping us Choose without much Hindrance that which would cause us to see things in a More Depressed or Anxious way… The Joy we attain Is similarly adjusted towards our Health levels and New measures are found by attaining Clearances or Energy which is a transcriptive Base for Truth.



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