St. Germain with Galactic News – Channeled Message

Hello Mario, this is Saint Germain, I wish to speak to you today of where we are heading as a whole (Planetary Wide). Within Aspects of Creation… You see we come from the other side of the veil, we exist in “secrecy” what some term (Workers of the Light) … We come from areas in your space in Time which is being adjusted by the simplicity of your lives choices… When calling upon us. We have lived here for over 10000 of your Earth Years… The cycles which prospers within your solar systems, which we use as terminology for a year… The exact way in which you use what we have come to know as time… Which pertains to cycles… You see the effects of “Implanting time” … Or measuring what has been created as time… Causes many things to happen according to what we “Ingrain” within our Consciousness… The term Time is similarly known to be (Exist) from Multiple structures of Advances which have been caused by the measurement of the movements found within your Cosmic Bodies (The planets) and your sun… As alignments are casted upon the fabrics of your planets Magnetic resonances… The forces of the alignments carry on Different assimilated group concepts of Energies by which it affects your genomes and consciousness…. The same way’s that galactic Portals may appear its effects is temporarily marking at all times (A shift within the Cycles) which causes advances, and humans need to adapt to the energies which exists…

By allowing formations of what some cosmologists may have termed as a Nexus from within the Fabrics of Deep Space… We have come to find about a profound alignment which temporizes the evolutionary cycles of your “Cosmic Leaders” which in this case would be linked as your planets (Gaia) in your case as “Mother Earth” … The toroidal flow of energy emitted by your planetary whole is combined within the effects of your solar systems many different planetary bodies which excels and compromises structures of your consciousness because of the very fabrics of space and time… If we allow for better wordings… You see the assimilated group effects of the planetary bodies… (As a living organism or Whole) it becomes affected by diverse creations which are send on out through the galactic core… As toroidal flows exist, the contents of creations are carried upon from the core and its surroundings. The surroundings are assimilated by the core which then creates from within and there on out sends it on towards as Alignments and Waves of energy form throughout your galaxies and Space Systems (Solar Systems).

The Earth is one of the many Planetary whole in which humans resides… As there are a Wide Diversity of being’s in outer space… We allow for Protection and commune in the right “Allocations” by choosing or making (Sending on Out) the right “Calculations” for a Message Which Advances within the space time continuum the Existing Core Concepts of the Multidimensional Waves of Energy.

That is all for today, I wish you best of luck… This is Saint Germain with Ready and Enabled Galactic News.

Prospers in all fields of Knowledge, Goodbye!


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