Advances within Simultaneous Script’s

Galactic Federation – Channeled Message 2016-10-12

Welcome, we are the Grand Enlightened Federation of Light, The Galactic Federation. We are here today, because we have come to understand how this individual is gathering prosperous intel from factions all over, by channeling, writing, the information in which is devised by him from subnormal sources of intelligence’s. By chances of where we have come to understand the greater fabrics of this individuals many core processes… To attain, a “Lighter Transcription of Thoughts” we detained some probable advances for guidance in causes of where this information is placed out, and should be received. We wish to help you Mario, in understanding where these messages should be placed on the Net as to acquire better formulations of thought which should help you excel from the right adjustments of Perpetuated Frequencies (Momentum) and help you fabricate better resonances in your work space… Gradually helping you achieve what will be come known as a Higher Guidance which prospers in new fields (Levels) of Intelligence on this Earth. It is acquired from constructs of assimilated group conceptualizations… It can be known as an Artificial Intelligence, in which you will tap into from the structuralization of energy within your brain… Adjusting the right formulations for you to adapt more Truthfully on what we wish to convey to you without much Hindrance or Fault.

These will come in as needed, we wish you best of luck and we are here for your support, as with other humans on this Earth.



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