Amira from Alpha Centauri, Channeled Message 2016-10-12

Welcome beings, this is Amira. Today I wish to speak to you of the importance of making unbearable choices. What we do mean by this is that some choices in which we make can be “Unbearable” for ourselves or others… In meaning we want to help you understand that all choices are there and implemented from a construct… Or divine blueprint as some say, it is fabricated for our advances in all of life’s many venues and in making this comprehensible to others whom may not be in the “Known”. We want to allow you to embark on a journey altogether with beings from all over the galaxy… Which pertains to their life choices (In the Making) which may be unbearable in some cases… They allow for simple “Adjustments” to your divine blueprint’s by allowing a core contact initiative role, of your lives “Predispositions”.

Namaste, That is all for today, Goodbye, This has been Amira from Alpha Centauri.


One thought on “Amira from Alpha Centauri, Channeled Message 2016-10-12

  1. An example of what an unbearable choice is: When you regret not telling someone about a particular thing which will be unpleasent for you or eventually they find by themselves… An unbearable choice is a choice in which we do not want to do because of consequences (Negative ones in Particular). In which we have no choice to experience either way the consequences. Either yourselves or another.

    The choices are Unbearable.



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