On a Particular Note

We have noted about a particular concept on a previous channeling, Concerning Amira and Unbearable choices… This has been implemented and structured within our genomes… You see Mario here is experiencing causal fields of remarks by individuals whom have portended fabrics of (Let’s call it the Ultimatum) and by changing the gradual fabrics in which we are predisposing… Having predispositions towards the Natural Remarks made from beyond the Veil. 

We portend to find “New Things” by which this individual is Gradually Augmenting within Dimensions of Thought’s and Reality… An augmented Reality allows for (From a Map) Higher Guidance (On Occasions) by mere choices of Channeling… By which we can depict many “New Things” for Him to follow… As goes with many other Beings on this Earth. Rather we chose to Acknowledge or Make Sense of these writings… Or we Experience them (On another Level) More so Consciously or Unconsciously… 

Beware of how we create these Circumstances… Because of how we work with multiple levels of intelligences… By “Stumbling” Upon a Channeling… The material has either Already been depicted (Experienced) or is going to help you get to an experience of the Channeled Material.

That is all for today, we wish to leave you in joy. Goodbye.

This has been the Galactic Federation of Light.



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