The Galactic Federation – Channeled Message 2016-10-15

Hello Mario, we wish to let you know that in the coming day’s there will be great bliss, love and joy for everyone. We seem to understand that there are great and many prospects of individuals whom work in/for the light of day (Better Day’s) across the Earth and in your solar system, galaxy and beyond. We expect to find memorable times for each and every one of you. You see we have come far (In great Length’s) to allow you, (help humans) to transform the earth in a better propositioned manner. In which the sum amounts of activity within “disclosure programs” and Enlightenment/Ascension processes should be noted to change on a gradual basis after we attend to the next few day’s. Because of a particular event in which we can not disclose here, in these instances… We wish to allow you to understand that the very fabrics of the cosmos is shifting at profound rates by dissimulated Spaces within the Energetic cycles of The electronic core of the universe.

The portended fabrics of dissimulated spaces within the cosmos is acquired for prepositional mappings of the subatomic nucleolus structure of physicality by which immersions of the quantum molecular structure of space is contemplated within the geomagnetic structures of the multidimensional spheres of consciousness, energetic transcriptions of these cosmic proportions are carried on within the quantum molecular structure of matter and energy which causes debris within the core structural energy of matter which is devised by greater spheres (Cycles) of Beings (Consciousness) which is adapted to the quantum molecular structures and this gives rise to successive implantation’s of futuristic telemetry – understatements of telepathic proportions and by adjusting the quantum molecular drive (Consciousness) we can splice the generic creations by which we have come to know about the implantation’s of “darker” codes and shift it’s proportionate energy by manifesting a quantum thought “Pattern” dissociated within the very fabrics of the cosmic universal accounts (Supreme Order of Count) which is devised by Extra-Terrestrial and Non-Terrestrial Intelligence’s within this universe.

Namaste, that is all for today.

This is to be accounted for within implementations of technological grids and sustaining the imperative routes which will by then give rise to successive implementations/Implantation’s of the quantum thought.



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