The Subatomic Particle

You see here, the subatomic Principle, is adjusting carryed on focus from the perpetuated constructs of the subatomic particles… What we dispose of within this channeling, is that perpetuated forms of matter within space, is “subliminally” Linking contents of the particles we work with in this Time (Space of Awareness) the perceptions we create from adjustments carried on within this writing is similar in constructs of where we have achieved the known precognitions for additional Structures of the Universal Codes of Conduct… Which are Interplanetary and Increments of these sub-formulations are acquired from divinations… A link to an Aperture (Opening Up) the Cosmic Universal Forces of Creation… From Temporal Realities which emerges in Onset Phenomenas of Interplanetary Adjustments… The same way the Planets have Cycles within the Solar System… The Space (Time) it Takes to form a Cycle comes from Our Perception and Awareness of it by Telemetry or Measurements… While we can Measure many things… The subatomic Principle is something by which we have come to know in one way… Marking a New Era of Conscious Exploration… By guiding folks to new Norms (Normals) of Law’s which depict the singular conception of these principles… It exists by sub-joint, Submerging content which is disposed within the Etheric Grids… Formulations of the Geomagnetic Activities within space and on Earth…

The magnetosphere is something by which individually we are interconnected by having “Lapses” Enourmous Strenght (Activity) from our Sun.

Namaste, we leave you in Joy, Be at One.



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