​Amira, New Extensions (Mappings)

Channeled Message by Mario Arseneault (01/20/2017)

Hello Lovely Beings, this is Amira. Today I am going to Speak to you of the New Extensions in “Mapping”. What we Utilize for Mapping (You and Us) More so Every Sentient Being whom CONNECTS INTO OUR PERPETUATED FORMS OF GATHERING, meaning our Rituals (Conversations).

Mario here Understands the Basic Activity of what we would Comply with/into by having newer Modules* Mappings which condones on your Perceptions (Acquired Perceptions) from your Daily Activities… We listen on from after this point (Attenuation) from Reading the Message here (This Channeling), we can help you Gather the Right Knowledge from QUESTIONING what is Proposedly found within this writing known as the New Extensions for mapping. We would like to Have you (Guide You) Towards Newer Explanations of what is Foretold To Come Within Many Scriptures on Earth. As the Bible had some Foretelling within it… The effects of Acknowledging something which comes from “Off-World”, and is Ready N’ Able to help those in NEED of the Informational Downloads by which we suffix Extremities of YOUR THOUGHTS, to allow for Fruitful Communion with Us, by exemptions of your daily routines. Please, by all means… We Want to show you how the New Extensions for “Mapping” Should come about.

In the Days to come, We shall learn of Newer Things Proposedly from Acknowledgements of Partial things (Steven Greer) is working on. Please go view some of his “Newest Information” on Sirius Disclosure (You Tube) and from there on out (The latest Video), You will be Able to Learn on some Valuable Information, by which we will be Working Around Him “In Those Times” to SHOW YOU* HOW THIS PERCEPTUAL ANOMALY, MAY EXIST.


P.S. This is a Note from me Mario, We are Low on Funds This Month as Electricity Rises for Winter Months, we are in Need of Donations to keep our selves at Ease with Food and Internet/Rent. Thank you for Understanding, Amira will keep on Working with me in the next Days, to allow for our Well being and Yours, Through Messages which will come in “As Needed”. 

Thank you! We Leave you In Joy! Namaste.

This has Been Amira From Proximal Centauri B, Until Next Time!

Thank you Mario for Allowing me to Speak Through You! 

As always Amira, Your Welcome, Namaste! :-)


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