transforming the initial causes of affection

Channeled Message by Mario Arseneault (January 21st 2017)

Hello Beings! This is Amira coming to you from Alpha Centauri! I wish to Speak to you today (Tonight “in some cases”) about The Initial Causes of Affection. You see we carry on Affection for many things which carry on “Value” for US. Not to Mention “Monetary Value”… The causes of Affection we have towards Another (As a Loved One) is GREATER than that of Someone whom we have no Particular Relations With (A Stranger).

If you Value your Life, you will come to Find Exponential Meanings in all of your Choices made Towards what you Value and take for Granted. You see if we are to TRANSFORM the initial Causes of our AFFECTION towards something WE LOVE, we are “More So” going to end up in a “Malformation/Nutrition” of what we “Portend” to FIND in the VALUE of the Object or Thing/Person we may have as a Perceptual Experience of the Object or Person. In this case… As an example, If Mario Where to Value his Channelings of me (Amira) then the Cause for Affection would be Greater If we would See an Exponential Rise in Views, by which People would come to term with the effects of These Messages.

More People Viewing the messages equals More Value (Force) in the Affection he Has from Gathering Knowledge from Me (Amira) and Helping out Others by Their Choosing of VIEWING this Information. The cause of Affection Changes Gradually, after attaining a High Contact Point of Assimilation. What you see here* is a HIGH CONTACT POINT OF ASSIMILATION. THE CAUSE OF AFFECTION TRANSFORMS AFTER VIEWING HOW WE “ABRUPTLY” “INTERPRET” THE “VALUE” OF THE MESSAGE BY “VIEWERS”.

Namaste, That is all for Now, I wish to speak to Mario in Private, and the Message will be posted after This One, Later on Tonight.

Goodnight, We leave you in Joy! Happy Gatherings , Until Next Time! 

This has Been Amira from Alpha Centauri with Daily&Nightly messages with help of my Channeler (Mario).

Be at One!

P.S. Donations are Greatly Appreciated, Thank you!


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