​Traverses Made Through Telekinetic Map Drive Systems

These Systems are In place on Your Earth. The telekinetic Map Drive System is Utilized/Used for your Prosperous Advances in/with technologies by Utilizing with Conscious INTENT and FOCUS what we come to LEARN and FIND ABOUT, IN THESE DOCUMENTS.

You see what PORTENDS to CHANGES that have happened from a LONG AMOUNT OF TIME (a long time ago) seems to be Interpreted by Beings whom are Consciously Aware (Being Driven) By a force of Nature, which suspends Inherited Cords of Energy from An Assimilated Grid View/Perception of the Quantum Analytical Remaps, we have Attained from Prospects of an Advance Civilization.

We wish to let you know and Understand that the Fabrics of the Telekinetic Map Drive System, is Suspended (Suspends) from a Thread (A line of Energy = Vortex) created from Dissimulated Contact Spaces, which are the “Zones” of Contemporary Existences, we find in – And Throughout Galactic areas within Space, which is ADJUSTED by the Quantum Vacuum, (Fluctuations) of what some have termed The Planck Field… Quarks and Neutron Stars have Similar Properties of what we can come to find Herein, If you allow yourselves to UNDERSTAND the GREATER BASICS OF FRACTALS-EMITTED FROM FAR AREAS WITHIN SPACE TIME (VACUUM).

The energy we find (Founded) within Disproportionate areas of The Telekinetic Map Drive System, is Utilized/Utilizing Telekinetic Links (Data=Charge=Energy) Acquitted from Prospects of Undulated Formations of a Generated Field of Energy, Known as the Quantum Analytical Remaps (Remapping Telekinetic Data=Charge) Acquisition from Temporal Velocity States of Conscious Energy Formations (Awareness / Creation).

Subtle Reasons to Understand where we are Heading with this Information is Graded (Gradually Bent), from Disproportionate Links ATTENUATED BEYOND THE FALL. Which is how we CONTEMPORIZE the MESSAGES which are coming out Momentarily.

We wish to let you Know and Understand, that the Basic Fractal-Activity Conjoined in Totalitarian (Totalisation of Temporal Velocity States)-Emersions of/through Vortex Contact Points are Assimilated/Dissimulated from a Group of Beings on your Earth, whom Utilizes Telekinetic Map Drive Data, acquisitioned Towards Beings of HIGHER VALUE WITHIN THEIR FORCE OF CREATION.

Namaste, that is all for Now, we wish you Good Luck in Finding what is Needed in times of Need.

Until Next Time! This has been Amshar from Orion, Zeta-reticuli System.


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