Channeling – Amira, Frequent Thoughts, Accumulation (Grids) Hyper X Dispositions… Terminological Re-Maps -In Adjustments- Technological Codes GB

Welcome Lovely Beings, This is Amira Speaking… Mario want’s us to Learn about Forgiveness…

You see Mario, as you Intend upon something… We wish to Depict to you, how a Higher Standard (of energy) emitted within the Grids (Thought Generated Grid=Information through Energy=Imprint) is Accumulated from on within the Etheric Realms of Creation… This is Adjusted Daily by Beings who Connects Into the Aforementioned Grids (Depiction of those Grids are Assembled from Energy) as Electricity and Other Means… (Have Grids, which are Utilized Daily for Electric Dispositions=Energy Channeled through a Medium -> as copper or Iron which the Electric Current Runs Through).

The Grids are Created for Advances in Many Different Postulations or Dispositions of Thoughts, which accumulates at different Proportions of Energy (Ingrained) within the Channel which is “Suspected Cause” of an alignment (Aligning Core Groups -> Channeled Material=Energy=Data=Thoughts through a Medium) Which Creates Core Conceptualized Frequencies.

We wish to allow Understandings of what type of Energy is Emitted or Send on out (The Experience) of Forgiveness…

You see as we Channel Energy, we have Grids which acts up within us as Cycles… (Creating the Experiences of Anger or Distrust, Hate) Towards one Another Creates an energetic Blockade (Or a “Jump Switch” -> Trigger) which Activates (Sends on out) Telekinetic Data=Charge towards Another from those “Imprints=Energetic Engravings”.

We seem to Understand that by the FULL EFFECTS of FORGIVING (FORGIVENESS), We can Turn Down* the effects of The Trigger, which by then allows a better Channel (Of Energy), {The flow or Experience} you have in Conversations with Others by Knowing Something (Knowing Knowledgeness) Which Changes the Very Fabrics of Our Dispositions of Thought (Energy/Assembly and not to mention) The Core Structuralization of Matter, which is Depicted in a Multiple (Multinational Alliance of Thoughts Emitted by Beings) from a Core Conceptualized Frequency.

We wish to let you Understand that the Basic Activity Found Throughout This* Messages MAIN TRANSFIGURATIVE NODE, (Access of it’s Implications through Experience -> Hyper Active Fields) Helps you to Either Decode Something ENGRAVED within yourselves, or/and ENCODE by ALIGNMENTS what we Portend to Find and Understand/Use this Knowledge through our Daily Activities and Experiences.

Namaste we Leave you in Joy! This has Been Amira from Alpha Centauri, Be at One.

Until Next Time!


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