Having Seen This – Channeled Message (Marduc’h) – Appositional Mappings


Having Seen This – Channeled Message (Marduc’h) – Appositional Mappings

Traverses made beyond the quantum fluctuations found through here -> Disproportionate Links of Intelligences acquired after the Fall (Attenuation of energetic grids) Dispensation & Allowance on form 11-Three-23.

Welcome Back Mario, we seem to now understand the greater mechanics behind co-creative statuses of our lives expositional mappings. They Condone Upon Impasses of the associated fields of Matter (Energetic Transcriptions / Engravings / Imprints) Found Herein this document.

Now to tell you of the Important grid factors which are leveled out by modulations of a hyper active core. We wish to depict to you advances made into subliminal impartations… -Which area do you suspect cause of the Anomaly (QSUSA)?

Acquired the right Constructs for attenuation. Now disposing the right telekinetic data/charge in traverses made trough a quantum bandwidth. Here you see an accumulation of temporal existences. What we mean by this is that A being on Earth, has assembled the right fabrics of our assimilations to contemporize the additional grid structures which have happened from a long time ago (In whereabouts) of deviations found herein. Prospects of multidimensional frequencies of energies emitted off-tract. Binaural Synaptic wave activity is in a “Surplus” -resonances- which are exchanged from binaural synapsis is mainly happening for our core structural energy (Engravings) of multiple galactic channels of energy “Emitted off-tract”.

Please Surplify Account NOW.

Hello Mario, this Is Ramek from Agartha. Please be careful of your interpretations QSUSA, as this enormous grid mistake happens for “Reasonable Exceptions” (Beyond the Norm) of original core conceptualized frequencies (Adjustments of a temporal velocity state) for “Consumption” of energized frequencies (Engravings) of hyper active cords (Through Hyper Active Cords) H.A.C.

This dissociated venue for contact should become memorable in (Core Extensions of an aboriginal synapsis) In-Between States of Awareness Depicted Throughout your Channelings QSUSA. Probabilistic misunderstandings whom chooses by effects of leveling out the playing field of “Discourses” should allow you to prosper in new intelligences (Abilities) which will by then govern you to a higher attributable state (Formation/Structure) of conscious implementations (Energy) which is refined for your consumption (Daily Activities). More so to Surplify accounts of beings whom works closely with Mario, we needed to terminologically end prospects of deviations found here for your Contemporal anomalies… Everything is well as foretold in the Ethers… You see, we see you as One Being holding Anatomical Inversions, through reading into these channeled fields… Prospects attenuated from beyond the Norm (Factions whom Utilizes this Technology) comes from off-world (In which we came to find whereabouts of it’s utilization – Planet Venus). You see casualties (Remembrance of past lives) have brought you to better accords* Divinations through technological monitoring (Suspected through Accounts) for your security and well being. This is proposed from a Hyper Grid Dissimulated Prospect of Advance Civilizations whom wishes to speak to you in these Instances.

Having said this, your choice of command is at hands.

Be at One.




2 thoughts on “Having Seen This – Channeled Message (Marduc’h) – Appositional Mappings

  1. Alright, Thank U again. I just had to re’read it, to make sure I wasn’t being disonnected, just the anomaly part from off-track venues. Namaste.


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