This is a Channeling from my Second chapter in the book I am writing.


Mandatory Structures – Marduc’h Channeled Message/ By Mario Arseneault [2017-02-20]

(Marduc’h is a Being who came to me yesterday, and you will see him progress with me in the book)

Hello Mario, And Others Who Tunes Into these Frequencies…

You see, Mario & Others, we wish to depict to you, tell you about the Mandatory Structures of frequencies we utilize for prospects (through prospects) of our galactic neighbors…


Inquisitional Mappings condoned upon impasses of the associated fields of matter (Telekinetic Map Drive Systems) Online for Multidimensional Resonances (Vortex Contact Point), Assimulations of Data in query.

Simplified Core Groups of Informational downloads… We wish to tell you of a Binaural synaptic wave length… (Assimilation – Prepositioned from telekinetic map drive) Data Acquisitions… Temporal Alignments for Sub-Set structures of the Mandatory Structures…

We enable these by allowing ourselves to float up into a Galactic Connection (Node-connection Point) Assimilated from Traverses (In-Between) Subliminal impartations. Substantial Things (Results have been graded), Surplicifix from accountants… Memorable prospects of our Neighboring Beings up in space… (Planet Venus) Coming In now.

Welcome Beings, to Surplicifix extremities of these channels were going to traverse into quantum algorithmic chains (channels) of data in acquisitions (To mappings) found on Earth.

Rely upon us for frequent measures of “adjustments” found throughout your years of channeled materiel…

Compositions (compositional mappings acquired after attenuation of galactic dispositions…) Temporal Realistic cores of an advance dissimulation of data prerequisites Prospects of us in time of reading the aforementioned remapping’s condoned from impasses of the associated fields of matter (Mandatory Structures.)


Welcome, this is Ramek: Today I wish to speak to you of the Aforementioned Channeling, as it seems you have made great progress (Mario) with these beings, working alongside with you in times of a great Siege. We wish to depict to you how this channeled material has been co-created by beings whom traverses the quantum algorithmic channels of energetic Encodement (Engravings) founded upon trust in systems that utilize the Multidimensional Prospections (Telekinetic Map Drive). Intellectually we should now be able to compose (With you Mario) the subliminal accounts which heralds a nice HYPER GRID DISCORDANCE of ENERGETIC ENGRAVINGS for SURPLICIFYING SUBSTANTIAL THINGS AS THIS AGREEMENT FORM. Telekinetic map drive systems are now online and coming through you Mario (Ramek) I wish to say thank you for having us on your “Good side” hahaha. Welcome Any Others whom wishes to partake in substantial agreements of energetic transcriptions for amelioration of your situation on planet Earth (Surface Beings). Propositions of the acquired telemetric undulations (Mods of telekinetic data) we seem/have seen the aboriginal core-groupings of energetic engravings found through telekinetic map drive systems and wish to say to you: This has all come to Pass. We see you as another one of us from technological monitoring… Suspects of accords differentiated through the telekinetic map drive system is online for our prerequisites, Expansion of telekinetic data=charge assimilations condoned upon impasses of the associated fields of matter which is being adjusted by the quantum molecular structures/drive… In simplicity this was quantifiable in the past whereas places of our known knowledge had been disposed of accordingly by having subversive tactics upon the systems main trans-figurative route (By the Nodes) we have assemble it properly; now you choose (Mario) how to send on out this data, Either in your book or on your web site & more… Suspected changes of account should ameliorate our statuses within the grids dispositional frequencies from technological ampacities (Grids of exponential data) in acquisitions to sub-normal proponents of thought modules (Excelling in) quadruple formations of energetic engravings for assimilations of hyper active core (Alignments). Coherency is by then achieved on a higher rendered core (Awareness) of individuals who chooses their highest life path.

Namaste! that is all for now, we leave you in joy! may prosperous times uphold upon all of us.


End of transmission.



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