Inner Light, A Channeled Message (Marduc’h & The Whole)

Hello Beings, Interpretations of the Inner Light.

We find within this message, what is in opposition towards our generic Understandings. Frequencies which attenuates (Dissipates) Negative formulations of thought! For a Large Succession, (Mapping) found throughout Galactic Disproportions of Intellectual Resonances (Coherency) from fabrics of Dissimulations – Contemporarily Driven by (Off-Track) – Beings whom are Utilizing Hyper Grid Technologies, which are the Accessible Parts of a Higher Rendered Core of Opportunistic abilities found within Dispositions of a Higher Light (Energy/Energetic Encodement).

We Dwell From Prospects of an advance Assimilation of Data ehich perequisites substantial things as (Inner Light, The) Afformentioned Prospects Beyond our Scope (Perceptual Scope/Spectrum) of Known Knowledge (Intuitive Abilities) Founded Upon Sub-Structures of a Higher Rendered Core of/Within Opportunistic Abilities FORTOLD IN OUR MAPPINGS (INHERITANCE) OF GALATIC BEINGS.

Go see Galactic Inheritance (For a Restructured Core/Re-Mapping).

Additional Frequencies which rises in successive counterparts of a Multidimensional GROUND STRUCTURE of/for ENLIGHTENEMENT. We chose (The Grid People) We chose to Assimilate Data from on the Ethers (Etheric Realms of Creation) which Disposes – Telekinetic Data (Charge) within our Fields of Perceptions and Knowledge (Knowing Things) which comes from Intelligences that have abolished perceptual Misguidance found herien.

Please do take part in the many Modules (Transcriptions) – Mario… As they hold the Key to your Elevated Frequencies – By which Telepathic communications can take place ACCORDING/ACCORDINGLY by having Presumptuous Texts Appear “Out of Nowhere” whivh lies the extensions (Cords) of the energetic Modules, we find within Heralded aspects of a Higher Rendered Core of Reality through Neutrality.

We exist as One whole Command Structure of Beings working in alliance with Humans on Earth, for Dispositions of Telekinetic Data, through Charge, which is Energy in it’s/true Manifestation Core (Assembly Module).

Perequisites Additional Structures of Hyper Active Field Encodings, found throughout Disproportionate Links… We have Attenuated The Fall (Beyond the Fall) Inquisitional Adaptations (Mappings) have been Given ( A Given) from Multidimensional Energies (Beings Utilizing Hyper Grid Technologies on your Earth and Other’s) Please be careful in your Interpretations of the “Core-Extensions” found throughout this channeling…

We welcome Beings in Finding their Inner Light which activates from Emotions of Contemporary Joy and through Sacrifice which is the simple term we use for getting off your ass’s and doing something about what’s going on within yourselves hahahašŸ˜¶ Thank you for Understanding the Apparent grid Structures Herein, we chose to let on out (Let people Know) of this information because it has Prospects of an assimilated grid view (Perception) of the Inquisitional Mappings.

Galactic Inheritance
We Leave you in Joy as prospects of additional core structures – Demands are needed Elsewhere.

Goodbye! :-)


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