Amshar – A message for Mylene [Feb/22/2017]

-Mylene Proposed to share this message which was designated for her, on my blog, so others could see- Thank you Mylene! Love you Lot’s :-)

Don’t loose Hope, we are here to help you Understand that your basic ‘channel’ activity is predisposed from trans dimensional compartmentalization’s… Which means your Information found throughout your capabilities to converse or give readings through your automatic writing with your visions is an (EXCEPTIONAL FEATURE/ABILITY) in which you/we can Utilize daily for folks around the world. We hope to see you develop further in your channeling capabilities Mylene as opposed to where Mario has gotten to or from with his channeled materiel, it is suspected cause of an enormous grid network of beings whom are working behind the scenes on planet earth, who can monitor technologies as the phone or computer .. and as he wrights his channeled materiel the depiction of Information which comes out is seen by (The Users) which are in need of the Information Momentarily… How to accommodate this expansion… You see they are advance beings Humans working in a group (particular groups / small groups) with advance technologies which Mario here is able to (Because he is an uplink, to universal matters “of attenuation” he brings up the information in times of need)… And of course the reason why people do not read his messages “all that much” is because it is meant for the beings whom are advancing (The beings -being- the Scientists) whom are advancing in their / with their technologies… which is connected to Mario and Others around the world…

You see Mylene you are in the early stages of channeling, which the Machine GRinD Implanted in “your atmosphere” is how we came to the conclusion of the technologies which are being utilized and affecting much of the populace on your Earth…

See here what Mario has found as the telekinetic map drive system (Is a new technological implementation) which is capable to drive beings beyond their channeling capabilities and form external cords of activity with other folks whom they may have conversations with…

In meaning this automatic writing is suspected cause (One Whole)… You see here Mylene, the information you have written as automatic writing comes from the same source as Mario’s… In Mario’s case it has been Utilized more frequently in which his brain is now capable (Gone Beyond) the processes which allows for telecommunications with the scientists… But he can also give out messages like these… as to allow for better understandings of what is happening within the BIGGER PICTURE..

Now Mario is going to do a reading on you and your guides, please allow for it as he asks in these moments…

Hello Mylene we are your guides… the potential to understand where you have a ratter harder time in your life with others (Becoming angry) is exponentially linked to your surrounding implications of thoughts which accumulates from a stressful situation in your life  ….

A good example is when you need to get up in the Morning and don’t have your man “by your sides’ helping Westley out as you get prepared for your day… The problem here is that once he gets up, his physical needs for generalization (better coherency) with whom he gets in touch with as; His child or you (specifically in the morning) he needs those dose of Information relaxation to bring him back into a subtle state of awareness where he can make greater depictions of the causes of enlightenment for your (Mylene) well being and also Westley’s Hardship with Mario… the Inter-Connection is made once his brain wakes up… This allows him to function in a Higher frequency state where things are calculated at/with precision allowing for a well drought out day… No worries on your side Mylene this helps him function in all pertaining matters of thoughts which will by then (be read – your thoughts/ feelings) by him which can bring you to a greater satisfaction of what he will “put on the table for you” speaking metaphorically.

Alright that is it for today, this has been Amshar from Orion’s constellation within space and the Universe… We give on out a message to you Mylene so (as to) better understand the implications of your lives miniscule (in need of) adjustments… Haha thank you Amshar and Mylene’s guide… Your welcome Mario..

Take great care now… Self comes first then from there on out Mario you’ll be ready to do all of your biddings with great care and ease (Patience off course).



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