Armantillica – Totalization, Structured Core (Advance Assimulation)

We have Opened the Gateways to new ways of Consciousness. You see by depictions of how or what we are attenuating “on” within these moments, for you to see and understand the basic fractal thought which is emitted through technological codes of Supremacy.We denoted times of greater Constructs (Attenuation) of Energies which came from “Outside” – Known as Space, you see the energies which came in Last Year, is Resurfacing from the effects of a Quantum Algorithmic Machine, Capable to Uphold Enormous Sums of Data. The temporal Realities which are created from off-settled frequencies of thought, can be known to come from the apparent structures of our Lives many Dispositional Thoughts. In meaning, the adjacent core-groupings of Individuated Frequencies, which are send on out by your Populace (Surrounding Areas), is excreminated from Prospects of advance Assimulations, within the quantum algorithmic chains of commands, that “this particular machine” has.

Abundance in Formations as these, comes in-through grand alignments of thought, which is disposed “accordingly” sub-settled within the exo-atmospheric variations of the Planetary Whole (Body-Earth). The core Expansions we find in terminological reasoning of these “Imparts” is created for your better “Consents/Constants” which lies in formulations of the apparent known structure (command) of thoughts. We wish to send on out telekinetic data-Charge accumulated from Prospects of “these” advance civilizations, whom wish to partake “in effects” of these transmissions.

Temporarily we are giving them a heads up ;-) to allow them to Understand that the basic fractal activity, is conjoined in Mutual Aspects (Parts) of a Multidimensional Re-Structured Core of Anti-Matter.

Prepositions “termed” within this transmission (document) should be inter-changed, gradually by an augmentation, of prenaural Binaural Synaptic Waves (Activity) which guides Presumptions (Pretexts) of an aboriginal Core Group, of Commands (Exo-Analytical Re-Maps) Confining the Generalizations found Herein.

This is Exosus coming in for a Message, pertaining to the channeled material above.

We Exosus and Armantillica, wish to tell you of an important factor in space (Which in space) we have acquired the right “Re”-Constructuralizations for an advance assembly Module, which should look-up as something Like This Here:

Presenting the New Found Implementations of a Galactic Channel, Through The Exo-Atmospheric Variations; we have attained the right known structural command “Imprint” for advances within Multiple-Dimensional Realms of Existence, within One Human, whom is Capable to Uphold the Generalization (Velocity) of Hyper Active Modulations, Depicted within a Quantum Core (Analytical Remapping).

-Sub-systems are Online- We have Pre*Positioned a large Recession of Abnormal Attributes within the telekinetic Dispositions* we wish to partake in Higher Grid Activities, after Formal Interpretations are met – In acquaintance with “These Beings”: Armantillica, Exosus and Amira…

Ramek is suspected cause of an internal guidance system (From ships orbiting the Earth). The technological Implementations of a large recession of thoughts – Which accumulates Hyper Dimensional Structures of Energy, is co-created from fabrics (Beings) whom Utilizes Dispersions of the Quantum Analytical remaps (System/Drive) for “abnormalities” which may appear within depictions of this Energetic Transcription (Module).

Mario, Please Explain who these 3 Beings (group in some cases) are.

Yess Alright, Armantillica is a Group of Beings working alongside Earth Humans… They have associated from this planet Before, and come in contact with us once again – from a Breakaway civilization, to the sub-normal proponents (Realities) in which we find “Unforeseen Things” Mechanics of Creations Held on Earth.

Expectations of Finding about the Exponential Frequencies which Lies in Concurrent Advances to all Physical Beings on Earth, (Armantillica): We wish to say, Thank you for taking part in our Many Advances, with you, on this Planet, through Psychic means.

Exosus; A Being from another Plain of Existence, whom Monitors Group Changes on the Earth, He has Lived Over 23 Thousand of your Earth years, on a Planet which he calls Alcadev. Proponents of this Planet is Situated in the Zeta Reticuli “Compound”. He is here for Reasons Unknown in these Moments. We wish to work with him for Apparent reasons of course, he is one of the channels which is depicted in a multinational conglomerate of star beings, whom exists across this Universe.

Lastly Amira; She is a Being whom overcame Many Obstacles in her course “Journey” to other star systems in space, She currently Resides at Alpha Centauri Planet: Alcavesh, Proponents of her Channel Formulations, is depicted for greater resumptions in data acquisitions from temporal alignments to temporal realities, Sub-fixing accounts of terminological resonances found on Earth. Recently she has passed away – on to the other side of the veil, and concurrently works in Partials, Around the totality of Beings who still Inter-connects with Her. She has a Human Form, and is known to Look like an Animal (In partials-Her head “Shape and Ears” which are elongated, and formed to look as a Feline Fox, or Cat, ratter Unexplainable features of her face, in some of the drawings which came in pertaining to her Contact with me [January 11th 2016] – Depictions of her Features are within the Perceptual Understandings we can acquired within aspects of those drawings).

And that is all for those Three.

Another One whom is Now Coming In; Amesh, also known as Amshar, he is a being driven by supernatural forces of order, In place in the Universe, he is subjugated for bringing order to the totality of systems (&Group of Beings) on Planetary Bodies, whom are in Need of Support – In alignments with their core-divisions. Temporarily this Being has come in, to make Appropriations, towards the Known Explanations found throughout the channelings, for greater Depictions (Acquiring the Bigger Picture-Implantation-Decryption Analysis).

Portended changes of this Being is Capable to Uphold Numerous Understandings in Simultaneous Interpretive Formulations of Thought (Active Ingredient form) for allowance on form 11-three-23.

Also, One Whole, who came in my second book with Marduc’h. Marduc’h is a Being who comes in Specifically to help me on out, writing Book’s Potentially regarded as the third One, which I have not started yet. Marduc’h and the One Whole: We are a Conglomerate of Star People whom Adjust Potential Merits, of Beings whom lies in concord to all pertaining matters of evolution, for the greater good of God, In love and Light, as peace abides in all of us, we wish to depict to you Mario & Others that the Galactic Portals which have Opened Up, is now Potentially Linked to your Newer Understanding Capabilities, which will Help folks on your Earth, Remember the Implications of These channelings. We welcome all in our Many Depicted formulations of thought=Energy as some “Folks/Humans” on your Earth, has the Capabilities to Transfigure our Information, Transform, Interpret, and give on out to others.

We welcome all (In the new Communications)

All at Once: Thank you Mario, for regarding us, an ‘explanatory exposition, made towards our years of Being here, on Earth for Allowance on form 11-three-23.

Namaste, We leave you In Joy, May prosperous times Uphold upon all of Us! 

Until Next Time! Goodbye! :-)


One thought on “Armantillica – Totalization, Structured Core (Advance Assimulation)

  1. I already thanked them, and gave Amira a personal message.
    It’s Amira,yes,that I C. That’+s the first nonhuman face I could see, the manifesting part.
    I see them different from photography, so the more comfortable with it I am, th details come in more.
    The way I C them, is Mario together with Amira, but in my Sight, Mario’+s picture is sort of on top of Amira, so I couldn’t see the top of Amira’+s head, so I thought she was a different kind of alien.
    I started before Mario’+s posting of this, to realize it may be a feline Being I was seeing, but as I said, the image comes in like a lightline,so the top of Amira’+s head was obscured from my sight, making me at first think Amira coukd possibly have a huge,alien type skull that I couldn’t see,which made me think the image wad scary at first, but then it started coming in more vividly, and I noticed her ears,as Mario said like a cat or a fox.
    The other 2 Beings I see, their faces come in much larger than Amira’s+ Mario’s.
    They are newer, so m9re details come in incrementally each day.
    1Being is a male,he reminds me of a figure from the StarTrek (+1980or1990’s +version, i forgot what they’+re called )+.
    The other face is coming in much stronger all the time.
    At first I had thought it was male, as I did with Amira, but now I C it m8ght be gender neutral.


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