Automatic Writing #4 Ramek – Permeating Light

Hello Creatures whom lies in the Dark ;-) We wish to permeate the Darkness with our Lights.

In essential Meanings, contemporized for your greater Understandings in time of making an acknowledgement (Perifying), Exosus/Exodus.

Meaningful acknowledgements of where we are heading, the Internal Mapping Systems are Utilized for your Greater Care in Accents (Accentual) Perceptions of cause. What we mean is that the Fabricated Core View (Understanding) of the Knowledge which is Implemented within Grid Structures of the Earth.

We Account for Memorable things, Experiences which denotes times of Great Awakenings for many folks on your Earth.

Potentials Gathered here (To Read) this juncture is by far “at most” Accelerating Consensual demands of Hyper Active Fields. We wish to Preposition the Internal (By the Internal) – Mapping Systems, which should allow you to see us in memorable formations of our Lives many Forms (Formulations of Thoughts).

Namaste, This has Been Ramek from Agartha.

Goodbye! :-)


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