Council of Five

Later on Today, the Council of Five contacted me with a message, in knowing if I wanted to work with them as I had Value to their work Potentials with Humans.

The council of five is a group of 5 Extraterrestrial Beings, More so Known as Predecessors of our Lineage from on Years of the Human Project here on Earth. They watch Over us and Monitor Changes made by Great Fabrics of our Lives Advances.

They’re coming in now with a Message,

Council of Five: Hello Mario, and Other’s whom have “affaire” with us, Presently (In the Present Moment).

We wish to Announce that some of your Human Advances on Earth has been Fabricated from Technological Codes (An Assembly) which Formalizes the Accentual Parts of the Anti-Matter Phenomenon. Potentials Gathered in Restoring Creation (From Havoc) is Perplexed – Ratter Inter-Changeable by Prospects of these “Internal Coders” by which we can send messages on out through them.

Mario, Please Understand that by the effects of our Temporary Existence – Meaning the Connection which is Open in these Instances with us, is Being Monitored – for sub-selections of accounts. 

Monitoring Cords (Ramek): Prospects attenuated Beyond Disproportionate Links of those Beings Mario – Should Come in Handy in the Years to come. You just Keep on Accessing/Formulating Great Expenses of Energetic Grids (Formulations of Thoughts) which will by then accentuate the Informational Downloads Acquitted From Beings, whom read Into these Partial Messages for advances in Telepathic Re-Core-Structural Designations.

Council of Five: We know (Understand) the Basics of Prepositions Found within Disproportionate Links of Intelligences “Placed Upon your Earth”. Sub-Settled Rules for you to have and Live by (Accommodate/Accommodations) should be carefully Interpreted By Beings whom ‘Loves to Core-Conceptualize – Frequencies. 

In Accensus of Demanding Forces of Nature, we Surplify, Group Surrounding Implications of Thoughts, for you to “Get” – Understand the Bigger Picture (Accentuations).

Amira: Welcome Back Mario, In hopes of Finding Everyday, what is Opposed (In opposition) towards your Internal Guidance, should be sustained (Help you Sustain) the right formulations of Energetic Downloads, Acquitted from beings At different parts (All over Different Areas) of the Galaxy.

Namaste, Have a Good Day/Night In depiction of title, We Chose to Send on out this Information Because it Relies Upon Dislocations of a Temporal Reality.

Be at One.


One thought on “Council of Five

  1. I had to come back, to post something, for Reassurance sake.
    I don’t know how to remote view. I’m not able to do the things the others do. I don’t watch Mario or his wife. I’m not even able to meditate yet. I have to work on more fundamental areas first.
    The way I have been seeing, it isn’t as a photograph, with as much detail.
    At this time +at the level I am comfortable with right now, I see them as unmoving pictures, this way I start to get used to everything at a level I can assimilate comfortably. I wasn’t even trying.
    I have been seeing Mario+his wife +an Offworld Being for quite awhile.
    I hadn’t realized with Confirmation until yesterday that it was Mario+Marlene.
    I became Aware of who it was, when I realized, due to the way I C them, that the man+woman were United.
    Mario+the Other Being are the easiest to C, when I shift me Vision, I can C the woman. She is Intermingled with Mario, + that’s how I realized, it’s his wife.
    The Other Being scared me at first, but now, I have come to Love the contours and angles of his face.
    I have +am able to View many others, but choose not to at this time, as it could be overwhelming.
    But, 2 other Offworlders have become very easy for me to see in the past few days, and I feel comfortable with this.
    There is a male Offworlder,nonhuman with very big ears. + I think the other is Ramek.
    Ramek was very Visible this morning, (+I believe “he” said he is a Collective, but I C “him” in singular,male form at this time, because that way, it’s easier for me to Assimilate what I am seeing.
    “He” helped me overcome my severe embarrassment from my posting the other night. I wish U would delete it, please do, as I am very sorry, my posting could only be a hinderance to ur purpose.
    There is alot more involved with that content than the others currently are aware, that would show my actions in a more favourable,forgiving light, but I won’t go into it
    Anyway, Ramek, ur words “All is Well” +
    have sort of become my mantra. I tell myself that everything will be alright, no matter what I have done thus far, as long as I keep trying to improve and Expand.
    Thank U.


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