Thoughts – Attraction, Structured Pattern (Assimilation) – (Dissimulation)

Hello Beings, Lovely here isen’t it? We wanted to ask you about something… In particular, How are you Doing Today? – As some say they can have a Good day or a “Bad” day… As opposed to how you want to “place your thoughts” In time * With time… What you Usually send on out comes back to you in some form or another… What we wish to Depict to you, is that this is a Thought within itself (A belief) which carries on charge and – Assimilates the effects (Energies) of a Structure which is Initiate by a Pattern (A thought/Formation of Energies) as Magnetics (Attraction) comes from your Inner Most Depth of the Human Anatomy. Which of course we can learn (Program) or De-learn/Unlearn (De-Program) Set’s of energies in which we have WITHIN OURSELVES (AS AN ENERGETIC STRUCTURE THAT ATTRACTS) – HELPS YOU MANIFEST ACCORDINGLY.

That is all we wanted to say in these Moments… As Particular Thoughts or Experiences may Come up from WITHIN, we say THANK YOU LORD for giving us good reason or Riddance of Particular Concepts or Energies which carries on Charge from a Pattern or Structure within consciousness.



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