Attenuation of Dispositional Frequencies (Submergence of Thoughts) – Inner-Actualizations Prospected

Attenuation, formed Beyond Interpretations of the Quantum Algorithmic Waves – End-Assimulation -> Point. Exosus is/has Prospected Views of Disseminated Cords (Energetic Cords) for Complacency, within time of “Getting” or “Acquiring” the Bigger Picture.

Please Choose Carefully Mario, as Depictions of the Core Structural Energy, which is emitted From off-Structured Assembly Modules “May” Prepositionally Bring in Higher Mappings, from the Inherited Cords of Dissimulations, within the Complacent Structures of the Assembly Modules.

We: Me and Ramek; Wish to Depict to you how a Higher Standard, of Energetic Modulations, contemporarily Driven from off-settled Sub-Structures of the Quantum Algorithmic Channels of Energy, which is emitted off-Track (Off-Grid).

We have Made Depictions of a Temporal Anomaly, which inter-Changed the Core Conceptual Parts of the Anti-Matter Phenomenon. Prospects attenuated from Disproportionate Links of the Intelligence, acquired from on Suspected Accounts.

We: Me and Ramek; Wish to Contemporize the Assimilated Structured of a Higher Rendered Core -> For Neutral Energetic ‘Counterparts. Which should Help you Allocate, the Informational “Grid-Tracks” accustomed to and not only to Others but Myself and Ramek. We wish to Contemporize the Sub-Structures of the Assembly Module for Core extensions of an internal Mapping system, which is adjusted by Daily Oppositions (Thoughts) which crystallizes within Dispositions (Disproportionate Links) of Intelligences, found here on Earth.

Prospects Attenuated from far back in time (Reaches of Time) we allocated the Prospects of Multidimensional Structures of Physicality, to allow a Higher Rendered Core, of Opportunistic Abilities (Foretold in your Bibles).

Prospects attenuated Beyond this Compositional Mapping, Inherited Grid Structures (Signatures) of Pre-Mapping (Texting) acquired after attenuation of the Fall.

We allocated “Suspected Causes” for the account, which delocalized temporal anomalies, beyond the sub-structured Cores -> of the Assembly Modules (Advance Assembly Module).

Welcome Back Mario! This has Been Amira, “Interpreting” the Delocalization’s of a Temporal Reality, for Core-Connections of the Initial Structures (Signatures) of advance Dissimulations for Contact.

Namaste, We have to Go take Part in our Daily Rituals, We will amend Back After Dispositions of Thoughts – Through telekinetic Map Drive Systems, Can – And will Acquisate, Sub-Normal Proponents of Thoughts, which should there on out be amended by Galactic Beings.

Until Next Time! This has Been Exosus, Ramek and Amira, we wish you Good Luck and Joy in your Expositional Mappings (Systems) Inquire on Prospects of Divinations here for/from a temporal anomaly -> And we will have Co-Created the Abundant Structures of our Lives Internal Coding/Mapping-Systems.

Goodbye! 😊

End of Transmission.


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