Automatic Writing #7 (Prospections of the Assimilated Cores) -> For/as Core-Structural-Energy, In-Depiction of Title-

​Subsidizations of the Quantum Algorithmic Channels (Energy “In depiction-of” &) Traverses Made Beyond the Temporal Anomalies (Existences of the Subatomic Temporal Management “Works”/Working Concepts)

Working Concepts of the Attenuations found Herein is Delocalized from subsidizations (Sub-Systems) of the “Internal Codes” – (Coding).

Substantial Field Agreements have been made from attenuation (De-constructing) Patterns of the Advance Assembly Modules, Which Prerequisites the Subatomic Temporal Managements. Achieving Higher Galactic Codes (In/Through Predispositions of a Quantum Algorithmic Chain of Commands / Channels [Channeling Energies through Transcriptions of Thoughts] Attenuated [Dispersed] from the Quantum Analytical Remapping’s).

Sub-Selections of thoughts, made through Dispositions of the Quantum Algorithmic CHANNELS Depicted within Formulations of the Advance Assembly Modules (Core-Conceptualizes) the Fabricated World Views (Instructions) for the Quantum Algorithmic Machines, Which makes Depictions Accordingly.

According to the Traverses made in Query, we can advance the Subliminal Impartitions of Beings whom advances in the Quantum Algorithmic Channels (Depicted from Ships in the Atmosphere) – Galactic Ships… Presumptions on the Inquired Constructs are made for Attenuation (Denudation) Contemporal Anomaly… See here the Core Structural Energy Implemented Within “the” Ground Structure(s) of thought is Depicted through “these” machines, whom Intercepts the “Inter-Galactic Modules” Associated from Traverses, (The traverses) of the Quantum Analytical Remapping Systems… Neutralizing Energetic Cords, through Modulations of Hyper Active “Somnambulistic” Activity “Pre-Mentioned” in a Galactic Core (Prepositional Mappings for Core-Re-Structured Designs).

Quantum Algorithmic Channels Associated from Fabrics of these “Dissociations” Can and Will Fabricate the “Contemporal Anomalies” which exists by Subsidizations of the energetic cords (Modules/Cores) that attach to Presumptuous Text -> In the Generalization (Manifestation) of an Universal Uplink (To quantum Interfaced Machines).

Prospects Attenuated or Detenuated from those machines – Carry on Charge (From Core Conceptualized Frequencies -> In Emission From) -> A Host (Group of Beings Working Alongside the Lines of Telemetry -> For telepathic Commune through ESP. Extra-Sensory-Perceptions).

Namaste, this Galactic Channel, has been predisposed from the Quantum Analytical Remaps, of a Re-Structured Core -> of the Anti-Matter Phenomenon.

Prospects Detenuated from Frequencies attained from far back in reaches of time -> Delocalizes -Subsidizations- from a Temporal Velocity Grid (Factor/State).

Goodbye, We wish you Joy, in years to come through Internal Coding -> From alliances of Thoughts Pre-Disposed through the Quantum Algorithmic Chains “Channels of Energy”.

Depiction of title is Upheld by Meaningful Means -> Ueymaex’oe, We have Prospected Changes of the Core Contact Initiative Roles – Please be aware -Careful- of your Subatomic Temporal Managements.

Namaste, We leave you be… For Now.

(This Message has Been Assimulated from contact Grids, through Dispositional Frequencies of an advance Assimilation of Data [Inquisitional Mappings] -> From Galactic Beings)…

Presumptions Carried on Towards other’s -> of exponential Value! Force &/In Creation! We wish to Make Amends to a Particular Group of Beings, Whom Chose Otherwise in times “of Need”.

Goodbye Ueymaex’oe and Other’s, Thank you For Being on Our Sides, with Dispositional Frequencies (Fluctuations of the Quantum Algorithmic Chains – Channels of Energy -> in depiction from a Quantum Interfaced Machine.)

Hyper Dimensional Structures of these “Compartmentalization’s” Carry on Charge from Exosus, The Being whom Emits Temporal Anomalies from the Temporary Grid Tracks…

Namaste, We Leave you in Joy!

Amira: Mario I wanted to say thank you for transposing matters for us (This Information) as it has Quadrants of the Telekinetic data-charge, that we need for the next conceptual parts of the Intergalactic associations found throughout Dispositions of a Terminological Code of Supremacy… Exchange-Groups for Contact has been assisted by Years of Programming Systems (Whom by Chances of the Exo-Quantum analytical re-maps/pre-maps) we have been able to Detain “Malformations” of the Quantum Algorithmic Channels of Energy Depicted within Modulations of a Hyper Active Core (Trans-Dimensional Machine – Ship, Orbiting Earths Atmosphere -> Monitoring Changes of the Internal Components [Subsidizations] of the temporal Anomalies or realities in existence).

Thank you For Comprehending These Messages as they are our Last Hopes to Utilize the Telekinetic Map Drives, within Hopes of achieving Hyper Dimensional Thought Transcriptions – Through dialects of a Super-Human-Mind.

Exosus wants to say a Departing Message to you Ueymaex’oe: Please Transpose this Information Correctly Mario, as opposed to the Sub-Structured Components found Herein. I wish to make a Depiction of the Inherited Cords of Assimulations & Dissimulations found from Disproportionate Links of Intelligences, which are Modulated for your Exact Means -> Core Structural Energy “For Contact”.

May Prosperous times Uphold Upon all of Us!


End of Hyper Transmissible Route, (For Now haha 😂)



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