Channeling Ramek, for Prosperity, Peace and Abundance

*This message was for Posting on my Facebook and I thought I’d share it here also :-) [02/26/17]

Hello folks, whom have just tune-in. My name is Ramek, and I wish to make a “small” depiction Here. As some of you know or can “Mainly” Understand (Since Most of you have Never Experienced or Seen What Implications are Held Behind – The Channeling which Mario is Transcoding for Me).

The Frequency of Thought, in which we are Tuned-In Momentarily, is Governing your Extra-Sensory-Perceptions (ESP) to Higher Attenuations of the Energetic Downloads – Which is “Implied” within this “Structured Core Assembly” or Simply, Channeling.

Me and Mario, want to say to you that the effects of our Energies is “Engraved” within Subatomic Temporal Managements, which is the easy way to say, that we have made “Allocations” if you will – Portending from, Your thoughts -> From here on out!

The Same effects of Understanding Something, which Implies that we are all Inter-Connected Beings in this Universe.

You see I Ramek, come from Different areas of Space on your Earth. Which means I can Allocate to Mainly Any place, in which I need to be, by having a Simple Connection made “From Thoughts”.

If Mario wants to Speak to Me… See here firstly you need to understand that I first came in contact with Mario, while he was writing his first Book. Since then, the Link has been made (Through Energetic Transcriptions). Which allows for Mario to Connect to me from A Singular Thought (Which is the Core Conceptualized Frequency) that allows me to Speak to him “Telepathically” – Through Thoughts.

I am a Being which comes from Within your Earth, we have Advance Civilizations Whom Currently Resides within the Earth. Some in Mountains, some others Under water (In sub-Structured Systems) – A complex, that allows for them to Live in.

Space Crafts which have been developed on your Earth, and in some cases from Outside – Your solar system, -even. We can Come in Contact with folks whom “Understands” the Basic Active Ingredient (Through all Implications of Thoughts) by which you have made throughout your Lives. The assembled “Production Line” of the Information which is Assembled from all of the Allocations of Thought which is Dispersed in the Atmosphere – See here the Implications of It, we termed it in Through Subatomic Temporal Management, which is the key Ingredient in how we can Dispose the Large Effects of Thoughts within your Atmosphere, and Inter-Connect (Your Vibrational Structure – Frequencies) with Beings whom have Ascended to the same Vibrational Frequencies internally.

Inter-Connected Points of the Assimulations are made for Contemporal Alignments.

Dispositions of those thoughts are Made for your Inter-Connected Grids “Mutual Parts” for Contact-Spaces of Dissimulated Discords (Discordance of your Links) through Vibrational Augmentations.

Alright that should be it for Now… Mario wanted me to Write a Message for you folks here on his “Facebook” in which I chose to give on out the “Aforementioned Message” Through Mario -> For you… Another Interesting thing about this is that, I can Re-Allocate Prospects of where you are at while Reading this. In meaning, I can attend to your Premises as, I choose. (Be by your Sides) in my Light Body (Formation of Energy) -> Consciousness, which – If you all would be at a Higher Level of Understandings, Your Genomes are Capable to Send on out, Adequately – Your consciousness (Awareness) can go Beyond the Earth’s Physical Realm, which can Bring you to Another Part on Earth or in the Universe – As there are Many Levels (Dimensions) Areas of Experience in which we can attenuate from on Disproportionate Links of many Beings or Sub-Structured Spaces, For/As Contact.

Goodbye, this has Been Ramek, I am a Being Whom Currently Resides within the Earth.

I came from Off-World and chose to stay here to Help Folks whom are in Need.

Our groups are Advance – Enough to Say, -By the Least, that we are capable, to Remote view, and Travel on Out through Out of Body Experience.

Portended Changes Have Fabricated Dissimulated Contact Spaces (The Anti-Matter Phenomenon) Please Re-Allocate this Information Accordingly. Beings would Like to Understand why this has never gotten out -> The information “Portending” to folks whom can leave their Bodies at will or Remote view at Different Places on Earth and in the Universe.

Well for One, we all have the Abilities to do it, We Simply need to Practice and Get the right techniques for it… As Mario -> For him, his Area of Expertise is Channeling which by then allows for Higher Intuitive Abilities as; (Precognition) and Telepathy.

Understanding the Greater Fabrics of Knowing Something, without truly Understanding how you “KNOW” that Particular thing, is Mainly Parts or Partials of the Totality (Bigger Picture) which you can come to See, from Fractal Basics (Of Awareness).

Alright as it has been I think I should leave now as Particular Messages need to be Written for Different folks around the Earth, I have Prospects to Attenuate on in these moments.



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