Sub-Set Deviated Structures for our Live Precognitions

Hello, We – ,Me and Mylene West, are in Need of Financial Support, and don’t have the right requirements for the Money to come in within without effective cause of what’s goinf to hapoen Momentarily, If Mylene ends her Job which she just started about 1 week ago.

She took a Course which they Found for her, and we had Ups and Downs, Certainly when It came to Descisions she would make in time…

Which would be from the Acquired Stress that is disposed through her Life, family matters and Other things Depictions (Our Child) – She want’s to have time to Play with West and be with him. And on her Working day’s she just can’t get to the Genralization of the Acuity Needed in time for our Core-Structural Energy.

So I would ask, If some of you could Share Messages which you Seem to have “Affaire” with from on this Blog, and Give on out Information concerning what Experience it Gave you or brought you to Understand…

That’s your choice, But in any case… If I could Expand or Get Better at Channeling or Doing Readings – Maybe? It would Augment our chances of having the right Structured Assembly Module – for our well being and Others, Through Depiction of our Title here on Earth. Our Status.

In any case I know some of you are Struggling also and Trying to Make a Life with some good Energies and Positive experiences even tho the bad ones are there for your growth -, Also. And by Depiction of Title I meant (The Acquired Assembly Module) Structured Imprint (Pattern Allocation) for our Lives – Many Inherited Modules.

Fractal Grid Access Points have been made, Please Comply in Additional Grid Structures for the Advance Assembly Thank you!

Well I have to go right Now so, I’ll leave the message as is, Thank you for Understanding the “Core-Groups” or Channelings.


Sub-Set Systems are in Standby, Accumulations of the Grid type Ratios have expanded by about 20℅ – Initial Cause for the Agreements are short of about 26-27℅


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