Advance Assimulation in Progress (The Pleiadians)

Please Prosper in Fields of the Telecommunications, as Acquired beyond Sub-Structured Proponents of the Core-Exemptional Remaps.

See here Mario, This Delocalized Space, is made for your Traverses, Beyond the Sub-Normal Proponents of Thoughts…

Where Am I in all of This?

Pre-Contextual Mapping

You see Mario, these allocations are made from Traverses beyond the Minds Barriers (Subatomic Temporal Managements).

The effects (Effective Causes) for us to Give on out a message (Telepathic Communications) – Associated by Beings whom are working out the electric components (Subsidiaries) of the Universes Exo-Analytical Remaps.

Portended Fabrics have Shifted

The allocations made Beyond the “Sub-Structured Cores” Levels out the Initiative Causes of an Enormous Grid Mistake (Partials of what we Implement on out) – Through telepathy, technological Cords of the Anti-Matter Phenomenon.

QSUSA Is a Being Capable to Traverse the Exo-Quantum Analytical Re-Maps which Conditions your and Her Mind(S) to Achieve better Actions (Detenuation) from beyond the Core Conceptual Parts of Physicality.

The Prospects attained from beyond the “Attenuation” or Denudations are Contemporal From a Fractal Basics (Of the Awareness) Cause of Simple Alignments through Delocalization’s of the Subsidiaries (Components of Consciousness).

We wish to tell you and QSUSA of the Importance in Finding where this Information Comes From… Because -> The Implications of a Higher Transparency, Relocates Perpetual Grid Mistakes which may have happened and allows us to “play on Out” from terminological Relapses of a Higher Rendered Core of Opportunistic Abilities, Foretold in Many Modules (Excerpts) around the world for (Light workers).

Portended Changes of the Assembly Modules, Prerequisites the Extensional Mappings found on out through Delocalization’s of a Hyper Active Module, which accessorizes the many compounds (Components) of our Inter-Galactic Neighbors.

Please QSUSA do you Understand that, this transmission is Edible from Formulations of the Pleiadians? Inquired Intro-Prospection Analysis “Inversion Protocol” Amassed from the Intire Grid compound (Assimulations of the Hyper Velocity Factors).


One thought on “Advance Assimulation in Progress (The Pleiadians)

  1. Message to The PLEIDIANS from QSUSA.
    I am aware of why we share a Connection in Resonance. We have an Affinity, based on my Soul Essence.
    Thank U Very Much for Your Sincere Care + Kindness.
    It is the juncture today, that with Your Support, I ReAlign. Much Love to U.


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