Extrapiridimal – Extrapiridimous (Allocations)

Hi, Hello this is Ramek, I wish to Speak to you Today of an Important “Feature” if you will, from Acknowledging Us (In times of Need).

Please Imply on Proper things if you wish for us to Find you. 

You see if I would allow for Mario to Help me Find the right Energetic Cords which are aligned towards Dispositions of your Higher Grids (The Allocated Points) -> In space, which allows for me to Reassemble the Prospects, Effects of The telekinetic Map Drive System. Utilizing with Prosperous Codes, what we want to Foretell in These transmissions.

Allowing time to find the right Energetic Modules for a Higher Transparent Core of Physicality. The Bigger Picture -> It is carried on with Implications of a Higher Transparent Design, which allows for your Earth “Story-History” to be held in More than One Level of Perceptive Cause for Alignments which is -> Made towards your Understandings (Your Place in these Moments) according to what you Know -> The level you are Currently set-in From the Large Amount of Transparency on your Earth.

The Governments have some type of affiliation with the causes of what People have found out to be an “Accessible Cord” for a Higher Transparent Design or Understanding in this case.

You see, These “Forms” are adequately being written through Mario, whom is capable to travel around different Levels of the transparency which is Imposed upon the Secrets of your Earths History -> and functioning State (Awareness).

What we Imply Through this is that the Many “Possibilities” which exists -> The Levels, They are Intrinsically Brought on in from the Terms Utilized within this Document – Channeling.

Exo-Quantum Analytical Remaps. Conjuring effects of Transposing (Numerated Structures) of Informational Downloads. It’s Acquitted From Beings whom have traverse the “Barriers” -> The Locks of the Modulated Cores or Core, of Transparency.

The Unknown effects of Channeling these Energies, can and Will Imply, Upon Proper Allocations of the Terminiologistics Acquired through Dispositions of a Quantum Thought -> Interfaced Computer-Module (Simulation).

What we can Improperly Bring to the Table -> Metaphorically Speaking, is Inquired from Prospects of Deviations found throughout Allocations Made from Your Side of Existence.

To Understand you Must KNOW the General Frequencies Utilized within these transcripts (Hyper Dimensional Thought Transcriptions).

Go Look it Up, on Google or Yahoo!, Suspected Causes of what you May find – On through Galactic Free press or allocations Made from on this Web Site. Terminiologistics Acquired after Presumptions of the Intelligence (Information) which rises from External Compounds of the Information Tracks acquitted beyond the Sub-Structured Cores. You will Begin to Find the Exo-Quantum Analytical Remaps – Termed in these Channelings.

Goodbye, Namaste, This has Been Ramek with Information Known to come from a Ratter Extrapiridimal “Stand-Point” – (View of the Allocations).


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