Heart and Brain Telemetry (Communications)

Hello Beings, In this writing/Channeling you shall learn of newer things (To come) – Pertaining to your In-Depth Analysis (Heart and Brain) – Telemetry (Inter-Locked) for Visions and Memories.

The Subsisted Groups (The Interactions) which are Made beyond the Sub-Structured Proponents (Cores which are Aligned by Perpetual Rituals) -> Of the Advance Assembly Modules.

The Coexisting Factors of our Mutual Understandings, Created from Coherent Designs of thoughts with Hearth and Brain Telemetry (In synch) Harmonized for a General Structure of our Memories and an Augmentation within Binaural Synaptic Waves (The Intelligence) which rises from Concurrent Nodes of our Hearth and Brain Telemetry (Communications).

See here, to Understand this, you must know that the brain carries on (Is composed) with Neurons, the Hearth Also has Neurons, Which are Sensory Depicted Neurons.

The Accountable formulations of our Thoughts (Through our Brains) with Intellectual Compartments of our Hearths (Working in alliance) with our Brains.

This – Core Conceptualizes – Frequencies, by which we get an Experience (View/Perceptive Cause) of Internal Visions.

Now to Understand Telepathy. In conquest with formations of our Lives Numerated Structured Cores (The connections we have in our Brains).

The Structured Pattern (Group Concept of the Totality of Neurons) -> In connection – Forming a Structure, creates a Pattern after associations made for around 3 Days of Practicing a Concurrent art.

Perceptual Understandings of the Initiative Causes of a Higher Rendered Core of Physicality (What you See, Know and Understand) -> On a Higher Level with the Hearth and Brain Harmonized. Will Give you a Core Conceptualization of the Aforementioned Message by Re-Constituting (Constructing) a Pattern within your Brains (For active effects) of a Telepathic Transmission.

Inconsistent Mappings acquired through the technological Amplifications of Words and Memories, depicted through the Accents (Accensus) of your Interior Modules (Structured Cores) will allow you To Form with CONSCIOUS INTENTIONS, What you need in your Everyday Lives…

Mutual Compartmentalization’s, carried on Through Traverses of the Minds Barriers -> We say Welcome to the New Age Understandings of Knowledge which is Imposed from a Generalized Accensus of Cosmological Imprints… The Neutral Counterparts of a large Network of Beings (Neurons) working in Alliance with their Heart-full Intentions.

That is all for Now, Goodbye! This has Been Ramek from Inner Earth.


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