​Accessing our Greater Nature

Sub-Structured Systems, which are In Us. The Quantum Links (Attenuation) – Prayer – Through Visions and Feeling -> With the Heart.

We, me and Ramek & Others wish to give on out a Great Technological Code (Advance) for you, within these transmissions (Energetic Encodings).

We have chosen to give on out Information Relying upon Simple Figurative Modules, of the Core Conceptualizations (Frequencies) through Magnetic Resonances.

You see the Hearth has a Magnetic Resonance Field, which is Much stronger than that of the Brain. If you Allocate your Hearth “Data” – Let’s say… With your Brains Capacity to Encode or Decode Informational Grids or Grid tracks.

We can come to Learn and See of our Effective Routes (Chosen Experiences) by allowing ourselves to Tune-Into the Prospects attenuated from on within us.

Delocalized Prospects which are attenuated beyond “Disproportionate Links” are acquired for our Well Being as Much as I would Like to Say (Our Inter-Connectivity) Through Mutual Compartments of the Associations (Energetic Associations) found within this Document (Channeling).

You see… Foretold Things to come “Doesn’t add Up” – Precognition is termed (In here) more than Once, if we allow ourselves to Understand the Basic Fractal Activity of Thought. The basic Fractal Activity of thought is Conceptualizing More than One of the Quantum Algorithms in which we find in you (The readers) and also Humans (Regardless). 

Inherited Knowledge, which complies (Gives Us) Reason to do (Act in a Certain Way) from (Fight or Flight) or in other Cases (Implantations from Triggers).

We wish to allow you to See, That the Basic Fractal Activity of thought is “Programmable and De-programmable” by the Effects of what we Concurrently Practice (With Allocations) of our Ingrained Dualistic Thought Processes. Utilizing Memory – Visions with an ‘Internal Mapping System, which Decodes all perpetual formations of “psychic & spiritual” attacks… Which comes from out of the Inherited Knowledge we “Pertain/Attain” through Experiences (Beliefs).

Inquiring Upon Prospects of a Higher Ordered Grid Track (System) which re-aligns or shifts “programs & Transmutes” the effects of the “attacks which comes from within the One Mind” allocations made Beyond the Sub-Structured Cores (Which are the Assembly Modules) can give on out EXPONENTIAL FABRICS OF OUR LIVES EXPOSITIONAL MAPPINGS FOR CONCURRENT UNDERSTANDINGS WHICH CREATES (IS CREATED FROM) HIGHER TRANSPARENCY. Once we allocate “Devices” in this case, I could of Also used the word “Events” which Re-Compiles from the Effects of our Internal Guidance System (perpetual Ritual) we can come to see and Understand the Greater Fabricated CORES (OF THE ASSEMBLY MODULES).

Namaste, that is all For today! I have a lot on my plate haha… Just giving a Head’s up towards Folks whom are in the need to know basis…

Subliminal Impartations are the Implied “Proper-Encodings” which we can Utilize From “Downloaded Aspects” of our Conformal Mappings (Internal Grid Systems), for telepathic communications, advances in Multiple rendered Opportunistic Channels of Information (And the Causal Effects) of what Portends to the Initial Changes in what we See within as our Neurons cross over (Make Connections) for a Thought. 

Applicable forms of what our Heart and Brains can do (Together) -> Shifts Exponential Amounts of Information in the Quantum Generated Fields (Quantum Molecular Structure/Drive).

Goodbye! 😊


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