Automatic Writing 1/2

Trans-dimensional Compartmentalization’s

In here we find through query, what we are about to conceive in this document is made from parabols which exists in concrete formations of our lives many years of programing.

Exchanging the accords/exchanging from the nexus – Presumptions carried on towards what is exponentially linked towards our higher value (Grid dispersions) which is attained/detained from sub-normal laws of coherent thoughts.

In actuality the grid type ratio conversions are being manifested with greater coherency than before.

The extraordinary leaps in consciousness which have happened, happened for remarkable exempts within earths generated (Velocity Contact Fields) -> Grids in Dispersion of the Quantum Analytical Remapping systems (Allocations).

Contemporarily the governing forces of the sustainable exemptions are made through presumptions of a higher ordered grid Track (Assembly Module) which exists by conditioning the “presumably” Core Extensional mapping System (Drive Occulation=Singularity) exposed through an enormous summed up amount of data within the earths generated tectonic fields (Displacement of energies) allocations made beyond the tectonic plates incovers/uncovers indirect sunlight emissions from the temporal velocity factors of the higher rendered neutral counterparts of energetic engravings (Localized) for presumptions in Terminiological exemptions found throughout the Globular Composition of star matter (Exosus) presumably has exchanged the right configurations for a quantum leap (Jump) in extroverted realities (of oppression) keep on dwelling in higher amplifications (amplitudes) of the original core-star gatherings and we will have found (the truth) about the exponential frequencies that lies herein.

Goodbye, this has been excraminor from Mancipator (Exosus) says lies come from the above template (please numerate them adequately) Being driven by forces of a subliminal Accensus (Feelings) of the general consents/emissions by your bodies and hearts telemetry.

Bye Now 


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