​Delocalization’s of a Temporary Grid tract/track

Hello Mario & Others, This is Amira Speaking, I wish to coalesce with you today, The importance of finding your Inner Light, as opposed to some beings whom may wish to Dwell in Lower Repetitive Cycles. The cognitive formulations of our thoughts (Energy, Frequency – Cycles) can be created on a Super Imposition (Beyond) are original Structured Cores, which allows us to Modulate at an excessive rate, what we can find in Lower Transcriptive Based Frequency Modulations.

In meaning while you regress or transgress into states that inquired upon Negative Feelings or Emotions towards another… This may “Action-Up” some proponents of the Inertia amended from the Lower Transcriptive Base frequency Modulations. So, as to Acquire a Higher Configuration (Mapping “System”-Let’s call) can concisely give you an Opportunistic Ability to comply with the other Etheric Realms of Creation which confines (Conglomerates) the effects of the Lower Transcriptive Modules. Which in comparison, it allows for a Simultaneous rendered Script (Within) which confines the generalizations of our thoughts – For a Depiction towards Higher Accountable Formulations of Frequencies (In exchange) with a Hyper Transmutational Effect. 

Prospects of Deviations towards the accountable formulations of all of your Internal “Programming” (Engraved Subliminal Accents) – Which in this case can be “Mapped-Out” by allocating Energy through The Higher Mapping System. (Which we can Inherit) from processes of an automatic writing.

You see beings whom choses to make automatic writings allows for specific traits of energies to be downloaded “If you Will” which can make (With time) a great Conceptualized point of what we called here “Transgressions” towards the formulations of the original compound (System) – Which acts up “The system” trough Multiple alliances of thought, which is emitted in the Atmospheric Variants of the Planetary Whole.

To concisely give into a Higher Rendered System for Opportunistic Abilities (Should Confine the Generalizations) of what is Implanted within Beings whom “allocates” energies in a Less – Pleasant way let’s say, and to acquire the right Configurations for “Higher Mappings” we should denote or devote some time, (In-Listening in/into Attunement), which is the next conceptual part of the ascendance (Cycles of Starseeds) in other words the New age Groups which Utilizes Technologies (Which comes from the Aboriginal Core-Group-Commands) Depicted in a Higher Ordeal (Fashious-Intakes) about telemetric Modulations of a Hyper Active Core (Which is the Ascent) to Numerated structures for Hyper Dimensional Transmutations and-in accordance we shall leave this message as is, because prosperous mappings have been inquired upon.

Delocalization’s of a Temporary Grid tract/track is the right Configurable node for this messages title Mario.

Thank you Amira, I shall allow to see with time to come how we are making out in the grids from perpetual understandings acquired through Trymetricolizations of Galactic Energies (Super Imposed) upon the Systems Main Transfigurable Routes, which contends to the Suprema/Nexus of Exchanges.

Goodbye! We leave you In Joy!

Until Next Time, this has Been Amira with New found Technological Codes for the Ascent.

Namaste! ☺️


One thought on “​Delocalization’s of a Temporary Grid tract/track

  1. Hi Amira+Mario,
    Amira, I can now read right through all ur less than nonjudgmental comments+I can read ur efforts to be kind and teach th others to be less judgmental, i guess i will leave it at that.
    Mario, i’+m going to Create my own blog, YES-TRU TRUTH REVEALED THAT IS RIGHT. IT will enable me to express my ideas +++communications, without my writing so much on your+s.
    Yes, as well some of my lightpathways travel, as well as th pathways we share yes+++*9THESAMETIME AS WELL .
    THR .
    R other pathways providing varying information. Yes.
    I am also realizing at this time, because i haven’t yet looked at the SIRIUS INFORMATION, th SIRIUS disclosure you referenc3d with Dr. Greer+(i forgot his first name, i think Steven+), But, I am inclined to think th information is most likely accurate, although it probably differs from th type of content
    I have Previous Perceptive Awareness about.
    In addition with more star systems, i have awareness, more than only some awareness of Syrians, i have awareness of how SIRIUS STARS EFFECT EARTH+HUMANITY’S EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES, ETCYT+.
    so therefore i have awareness of positive aspects of Sirius, ues+positionings in skyes,
    That was an earlier, automatic type writing, just from me. This is a new day today.
    Anyway, I figured out th Truth, IT IS A MESSAGE FOR HUMANITY. IT ISN’T CHANNELED INFORMATION (UNLESS U CONSIDER ALL INFO CHANNELED, ETC AS CONSCIOUSNESS IS TRANSMISSION +RECEPTION, ETC., BUT i meant it isn’t what is called channelings, it is instead most uv analytical processes combined with certian things.
    U WILL C one day after i write it, not yet.
    U will be surprised.
    I saw how u made fun of me, because i said that Amira+i laughed together, then u reiterated for ur followers that couldn’t be possible, as Amira is no longer in her body, etc.
    Well, i didn’t make that up.
    I just took a little liberty, I laughed when I told Amira it was hypocritical to imply that was “choosing-hah” an experience in duality, when as i stated earlier, what’s more dualistic than being in a spaceship trying to break thru a barricade to earth, etc.
    I sent Amira t
    That message, i assumed Amira had received it, that’s why i said we laughed together, i wasn’t lying.
    Anyway, This is my Yrue message. I am going to rit something, th earth world hasn’t seen in thousands of years.
    It will be liberati g+freeing for thousands+thousands plus.
    U will Understand when U read it. It might take me a few months, I AM IN TH PROCESS OF CREATING A TEMPLATE OF RECOVERY. RAMEK IS LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. that last sentence was a message, i hadn’t intended to write th name RAMEK, ANDROMEDA READ. CONSENT TRU Y! alright, i hadn’t intended to write that part either.
    My messages aren’t like yours’Mario, i don’t write about spaceships, etc.
    U ARE GOING TO SEE, AS I SPEAKQQQTRU, i am going to text it to U when i am done, then u will understand th processing i’+ve gone thru. Yes.


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