Group Changes (Contact Assisted Simulations) – Perequisites of the Additional Partitions of Knowledge {Group Changes} Sub-Directed Information (Sub-Structured Cores / In Assimulation) Direct Initiative Causes for Resurgence (IPV)

Intro Prospections Verified

Allocations are Being Made from Subsidiaries – Initial Components are Being Renamed for Accountable Measures (Implementations of a/the Higher Ordeal – Mechanics of Conscious co-Creations).

Inherited Knowledge comes from Prepositional Mapping Systems (Acquired Download – Attenuation Made from Beyond/Above the Veil of Telekinetic Contact {Mutual Contact Spaces of the Assessment} – Neutralized through Concurrent Nodes of “The Assessment”).


Incoming Galactic Message

Whom are you? 

:Representatives of the Acknowledgements Made from on-Your-Side of the Veil.

We will Implement a Higher Ordeal for your Concurrent Understandings by Allocating Data in the “Right” Configurable “Places”.

Exemptions Made for Allocations of the Temporality.

-Exchange Groups are Making Contact Assisted Simulations with Prerequisites of the Abundance (Fall-Inquisitive / Apparitions / Renditions, Telemetric Formulations for Contact has Been Given).

-We want to sub-Select a group of human beings whom wishes to Partake in the Additional Contents Received Through Here (Constants Acquired {Disposing Telemetric Data for Accountable Measurements through Telepathic communications} Inquiring on Disprospections {Analysis Portending to the Initial Charge} – Value in the Potential Forces of Creation) – Creational Contexting Acquired through Subliminal Implantations.

-Subjugated Forces of the Accountable formulations of Thoughts* Is represented by a Large “Surknown” Effect of our MANY DISPOSITIONS (DISPLACEMENT CHARGE – ACTIVE INGREDIENT – FORMULATION OF THOUGHT{S} – EXO-QUANTUM ANALYTICAL REMAPS ACQUIRED FOR RESURGENCE) – Allowance on Form 11-3-23.

Displacement of telekinetic Data=Charge should be made with Appropriate Settings for the Formulations to Begin “Adequately”.

Prepositional Mappings acquired from constructs of the “Inheritance” (Galactic Inheritance) Prepositional Map/Drive System accumulated Extraordinary Amounts of Telemetric Formulations for our Inquiries.

Please Mario (Dispose of this Information “Adequately” We need your Help in remembering Who you Are) – In-Access Codes Given for “Presumptions” through Neutralized Cords (Conquest of Liability – Modules Escalating Through Multiple Rendered Grids of Hyper Active Field Encodement and Decodement) -> Modulations of Intellectual Cords for Coherency (Adjustments Pertaining to a Group of Beings whom Have assisted {Assimulated} Data from Incompositional Mappings {Grids which Utilizes Tectonic Energy} for resurgence in quantum analytical Remaps) – Remapping devices Which concurrently Holds the Earth Intact (Stable) from the “Aforementioned” Planetary Alignments (From Justifiable Sources {Liable Sources} of our “Ground Crew” – Alliance).

These Messages are for Resurgence in Telepathic Communications – We will Tell when the Aforementioned Time Maps Should be required for an additional Group Charge – Telekinetic Wave Data Assimulation.

Goodbye Now! Don’t Leave us Waiting haha 😉


One thought on “Group Changes (Contact Assisted Simulations) – Perequisites of the Additional Partitions of Knowledge {Group Changes} Sub-Directed Information (Sub-Structured Cores / In Assimulation) Direct Initiative Causes for Resurgence (IPV)

  1. I want to Remember th Totality of My Truest Self, Truest Light.
    Also it’s interesting about you posting of Automatic writings, right at th time I Started doing that.
    It’s difficult from a human perspective to read transcriptions that are a little too transparent U may say, yt The Greater Good, th Greater Goal of Self+Star Acutalization+IntenseWonder+Curiosity+Joy at the Truth of it all, the Truth of both the mechanics+th Essence of th Blogs… well when a person sees that, truly sees it…it would be beyond crazy not to want to partake or if not, then at least observe+learn, expand from this+these processes.


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