Might be Slack these Day’s

I am Working on The Third Book, Have been for about 3 to 4 day’s now. Having Experiences Related to it! Quite Nice and Interresting Certainly when your Intelligence Rises up to a Higher Transparency and allows for Capabilities as Precision and More so Complete Random Occurances of Synchronicity Formed from your Known Knowledge (Experience-View perception).

In any case I just wanted to Let you Know that I have an Automatic Drawing on the go, Which should be for the Cover of the Book, and Also, I put in around 1 to 3 Hours when I go into it, and start writing, – Before Hand (A little Bit of Prep is Needed – None the Less) -> Acquiring it as Causal Fields of Interpretations / Remarks and Connectivity. Mutual Contact Spaces of the Awareness Imposed Upon the Higher “Calculations” from Heart-Brain telemetry and Others which are Working around me (By Exponential Fabrics – Natural Forces {Commendable Forces} Beings whom wish to Partake and Shift Proponents of what I have as Understandings -> Utilizing them).

Anyhow, I wish you the Best of Day’s, I’m Heading into Higher States Daily now (Hopefully with you 2 haha ;-) )

From this point on the Name “Title” of the Book is Trans-Dimensional Compartmentalized Knowledge, which is Acquitorial to Prospections of the Advances we are Making Daily (In Evolution – Spiritually, with use of Technologies & More as Spiritual Fabrics for Meditation / Alignments, Synchronicity, Telepathy, Accro-Synchronus Knowledge, Super-Impositions, Trans-Dimensional Shifts and how to Maintain within them).

Alright Goodbye! This was Just a Little Update on what’s Going on (Oh! And making Pictures Daily {The drawings} that I post on out with these Messages). 

If any one is Interrested in A particular One, I can give you a Digital Copy – Usually once I post a Picture, they come in Group Set’s – I only Pick One or Two… Usually I have about 15 of the Same Structured Pattern, Simply Mirrored in Another Way.

Here I’ll put some Here as a Display;

This one Comes from the Set Named: Mirrage

This one Also;

These ones are from: Red Regression

If your Interrested In getting Set’s, Send me a Message or Comment on the Blogs on this Website – or Email me @ Mario_Arseneault@Outlook.com – with your Notice for Particular Interrest, and I can send you Multiple Albums to Look at, and Also send you High Grade Copies (Originals) of the Ones you Like Most.

Thank you, Goodbye!

Your One-Fellow Being Traversing through Multiple Barriers of the Initial Compartmentalized Knowledge found throughout Multidimensional Awareness’s 😁


2Leeoup! 😊

Ps. if Any one is Interrested, Likes my Work or Want’s to Give in for Support on my little Family – Me and my Love + our Little boy & Dog.

You can make a Donation Here:

Thanks in Advance + While you Make a Donation if you would Like me to Send you Some of the Drawings or The books I have Written, Write down your email in the Comment Section while Donating.



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