Finished my 3rd Book

Hello, I hope your Having a Nice Day! I finished my Third Book Yesterday, and Piled it up Nicely in this Little Package Where you can get it for free, I also did Audio Log’s for the first Time (Channelings and what Not lol) + A Recoding of My Music (Playing the Guitar) and also (In the Making- Of the Automatic Drawing + Mirror Lab complete set called Gateway-Bridge.

Here’s the Link to the Book

Trans-Dimensional Compartmentalized Knowledge

If you Like my Work and Would Like to make a Donation, you can do so Here:
Thanks in Advance Where always in Need of Donations (It helps us Quite A Lot) and Keep’s me “Up-Track” or “On-Track” with channelings and Other things which I do Daily, as our Day’s are Pretty Busy.

Anyhow I welcome you to the New Earth! Enjoying the New Energies 😊 I hope for you too! 😎



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