Thought I would put this Here

I asked for an Answer on the night of the 20th, Pertaining to the Knowledge Interposed throughout the Grids, what’s depicted and “Changing” in other words, (Advance Structures of our Lives Internal Mapping) – Sub-Systems Analysis, Control-Over (Apparent Structures – Utilized for Telemetry).

This Video “Popped” on my You {Tube} Recommendations, and I watched it.

Realized @ One point, when he stated that A.I would have (Or be looking/Reading) for structures @ (Towards it) {The A.I}, The guy in the Video stated that Forces which were not yet (Implemented or Structure in the Akash-, Let’s Say, it would simply say Anomaly) – As/for/to Depiction of a Title (Energetic Signature or Force {Command} Namaste).

Here’s the Vid, 

For some of you If you Notice (Subtle Changes – In the apparent Structure {Of Energy} within this Document) – It’s Because some things are Just In-and-Above Core Structural Energy C.S.E. – For advances in a Multitude of “Different Way’s” – Understandings and/through Liabilities.

Alright that’s about it!


p.s. Just on a Clearer Note, If you feel as if this Video may be (Too Much) – Or in any case {Impossible to Understand} then Please Regard it as a Possibility.

Thank you!


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