​Hello Mylene & Other’s!

I wish to depict to you today – April 1st @ 9:29PM -4 UTC that in the coming day’s, we will have “Surplifyed” – Weird word isn’t-It Not! :-) I simply want you (To allow you-To) Find In your own time – What we have “Uncovered”- today, pertaining to the Liable (Formulas {Of thought} – Frequencies {In exchange Groups} – Assimilated Concepts of our “Perpetual-Rituals*”) In meaning – I want you to – (Allow for you to*) Find* (On/In/Within) your OWN TERMS What we have (Me/Mario & Other’s) found today. As an Exceptional PART / CONCEPT which allows you to (See) a {Clearer Picture} of what is “Denoted” – In (TIME) / To allow you to see a Higher Cord* Discordance – Of Energies – Which have Gone About (Within You {In these “Triggered” – Events} for Multidimensional Navigation) -> In/On/Out/Through-YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS (AWARENESS – Of Being – {In Simplicity} *A Bigger Picture {Encoding} for your Lives Ascent {Ascension} AKA. Higher States of Awareness/Control & Discernment {Of Experience} -> Reality / Existence {On This Earth} – In These Moments) -> A Temporal Reality*.

Goodbye! I wish you to Have Better Discernments (Pertaining to your Feelings/Intuition from your {Assembled-From Inner} -> “Grid Track’s” which should allow you to UNDERSTAND – The fine-Tuning Process) Depicted in/on your Message -> from Us; Ramek and Me -> HERE*By Clicking HERE* Click, Click.

We leave you in Joy! Me, Ramek and Mario, as opposed to how We “Should” – “Be {Having Done Here*} Doing” – “Happen In-These Moments*” This Here -> 😄 “For Moment’s” (Of Higher Transparency) 😊.

Haha! No problem on This Side, We Lay (In) & {Out} of “Existence”.


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