A Little Bit of Time Left

Hi There, as it seem’s we ran into much troubles this month, going on April 1st (The trigger). Mylene stop her Job because she was having a lot of Health issues (Mental&Physical). We were Short on our payment’s, now it seems the Timeline I got on or (Felt On) Dismembered me – In one way or Another. Now were short of about 200$ now to be able to get the payment’s out before April 17, and It look’s like everything is falling appart. So We have to come up with a Solution or Everything we worked so hard for, to get to this place, from where we were before – meeting each other and Starting from scratch with Westley Also… It seems where going to have to “Revert Back” make lot’s of changes… So my dream was to be able to Give on out channeled messages on this blog & let it evolve as to/with drawings and other things to help people out and with time have people helping us also with donations and such, I can’t thank Deb, Sus, Kim enough for there Generosity when it came to Donations and support. Thank you Lot’s me and Mylene Really Appreciated the Effort, and we were trying to Build something for people (Well I was – On here – this blog) while she was working hard to get her course finish and start her placement. While she was moving up in her work’s at the same time Thing’s where unfolding in greater way’s for me to. But the Second she told me she had finish (couldn’t anymore/stopped) something shifted and I felt on Another Timeline because (The time was Running out) for our works to get to an Apex and sustain it accordingly.

So it is hard to ask for Donation’s sometimes and Mostly because of the work and they try to stop you. Whomever “They” may be. Alonside with programming and trying adjust things.

So I just wanted to put this message out as an Individual & Maybe with other’s whom are going in similar changes / Off-Track or whatever it may be (Not working well for them) after a shift.

I think one of my biggest Mistakes, was to send on out my First Book, and Third Book to -> The Sphere Beings Alliance Website with Corey Goode, as this Triggered Waves of Informational Download acquited from the “Setting/Data&Specifique Energy – Telekinetic Map Drive” and by viewing some of the Episodes on “Cosmic Disclosure” I had lot’s of “Knowing” without truly having a 100% Understanding of the Totality – What’s really going on behind the scenes – So to speak, as acquired through means of “Black Magic” I suppose – Hope i’m wrong tho.

But in any case, Understanding – And explaining how things work is usually a good way to “Break Appart” the programming so to speak. (The mechanics) behind what we learn and tune-into + Co-Create has different levels to it. From 5th Dimensional Resonance (State of Being – New Human) and the Draco (Nervous System) it seem’s where not on the right track anymore.

We simply want peace of Being and, Will work with whomever passes through me, If it’s for the Highest good of all Implemented Structured codes for the Alliances (One Mind) – Universal Composition of what they may (Or I may have/had with channelings & Book’s) Forced on occasions for Disclosure.

Ratter it seems it brough me to – With Mylenes “Fall” It pulled me into the other timeline…

Corey Warned me I haden’t have much time left for the Experience to do my work and stay on the Higher Timelines (Telepathically warned me) and I just – Got to a point where I coulden’t see the future anymore.

Now we’re trying to build a New Mechanic Structure for Abundance and Prosperity. By choosing it in our Lives, Simply say I allow for Abundance to Come trough My Beings Internal Codings and I am abundant in Formations of Energy Utilized for the Greatest Good of All, For Evolution, Love, Peace, Prosperity and Abundance.

Goodbye, I am Glad we are strong in one way – In another way, There is just too much forces going on at play “Simultaneously” for a well – good Implemented “Rounded off” Structure of our Lives Internal Systems (Management for Good Energy and Drive).

Thing’s which needed to be cleared Surfaced on this Web site in the previous week, regarding the point of the Fall which Inquisitively we Brough on Better Accords to Manage – And Dispose off accordingly with the Violet Flame of Transmutation.

In times the Visions ( My Nervous System is Damaged ) and in partial terms, it’s hard sometimes to get Life “ha-ha” just In control and not Out of Control – With the choices we make.

There’s more to the story in GRinD and what not, Whomever Brough me to Manifest that message, even if it was Myself, or Non-Terrestrials or Archons – could be (Interdimensional Being) or from Projects Deep-Deeep projects ongoing with the technologies and what they have in Antartica or at the south pole continent.

I viewed Videos a Long time ago in 2011, where the Plane was circling the Giant Hole, and wow was it not something to Wonder on.

I guess If your a 5D being and can Bi-Locate Anywheres and work around with the Energies (You don’t have much Problems) Unless you come in contact with one of us (I supppose). 

But in the Begining that’s not how it was meant to be… It reverted Somewhere’s along the Lines when we fell. 

I was suppose to work With, and not only with but by allowing them to help me stay stable (Normal) while doing what it was, that I was suppose to be doing with other’s whom were out of Body. And then came in contact with Aliens… And from there on out where Channeling the Aliens. I went to see a Medium 5D maybe even more Being, in 2016 and he told me I wouldn’t do good with the Military crap, and should keep working with the Alien, because he saw very interresting Patterns and Structures in the Channelings. 

So, wherever I or We may be Placed in these Moments I say Thank you for Recovering the Lost Knowledge and Clearing out the Density which was fortold in/through previous lives and More.

We wish you Best of Luck in your Uncovering and Awakening Mario & Other’s whom may not be on the Same Level or Timeline – As they Should come to a Particular One – Gaia’s Timeline where the Shifting of the Ages Occur. 

Thanks for Listening Goodbye!

If you want to help us “Try and Get back” – Give a Little boost / so we can atlest beggin from a Better Perspective, you can Donate Here.

Thank you!


One thought on “A Little Bit of Time Left

  1. Mario+Mylene,
    I wish so very much I could do everything differently since I first encountered your site. If I had one extra cent, I would send it to you.
    A Tapestry is Unraveling, sonce U mentioned Archons,etc. I See what had happened. Diligence I Must Learn.


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