This was The Start of my Book #4!Ahvpj647ohoSl2P9nvU0MAEvbGK5

I got to a Point where I realized It may not have been a Book (Or meant to be a Book) In any case, it was called: The Unexplained Phenomenon of Full Disclosure, and the First Chapter was Named After the Docx File I shared above in the Link – Which is Named: What is Disclosure about – Patent – Study. 

I find it Relies Upon some sort of Patent or Technologie – If by any Case – From your Point of View (On Reading) and “Assimilating” different way’s to see the Diverse Messages Created Within it. You can come to Conceptualize The Basic Messages (In a “Rounded-Off” Manner) As also from Reading Top to Bottom – WHAT WE CAN COME TO FIND “GATHER” as exponential Means to Get or Attain a Picture.

Thank you for Reading-In, Enjoy! 

Added Video* Short Video on Entanglement 


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