Watch “Dr. Steven Greer : ETs aren’t Hostile… WE ARE” on YouTube *Update – a Twist

What do you think, We can come to find by this – With the advance technologies, by psychotronics, radionics and what not, helping people experience (or train them) to attain out of body or particular remote viewing or simply to get to Higher levels of Dimensions, where, it is all supposedly a script – From machines or Technologies that they have kept under the radar so to speak.

An example of what I mean, is that, some humans on Earth have experienced, what they would call the Higher Densities – Or doorways in which you experience an event, you comming in contact with a particular “Alien” or “E.T.” and Once you Pass, you go on up in the next levels (of the Three) which would bring you to further on out your capabilities – Telepathy and Intuition – What Nots, and Simply – Realize or Understand that, the ships being taken pictures of in space, by a polaroid in this case, where the person whom has the polaroid, has telepathic communication, Telling – Where to point the camera in the skies and take a picture. And then you see a Gigantic Ship, in the picture – Which would simply be, with their technological advances – What they can do with sattelites and what not – a projection of different wave lenghts of light or whatever it may be, to make you Believe that there is Beings here already, taking part in other dimensions around and surrounding the Earth. Also, as another example, if you go out of body, and attend to cities in the sky – Could this not be (In the Making) of/with the technologies, in which we could have developped mainly after taking down some of these trans-dimensional crafts, which he speaks of in the Video?

Go take a Look!

*Update – Video from source of what I am speaking of:


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