The Tidal Wave Effect

Here I will Talk about the Tidal Wave Effect, and where we are Placed AT Momentarily.

See I come from a Place in time, where my Story coalesces with Your’s, Because of your Implementations within these Writings.

Viewing the Information, Let’s you send on out Informational Structures (It carries a Signature) which allows for Measurements.

The particle Wave Effect, – Sounds Similar?

Partials of what Disclosure Does, Is give on out a “Surplus” in what we attend to have by A Higher Vibratory State – Signature (Compression) -/By analysis. What this Means is that, Saying something – Writing it down, In particular (As a Planned Event – In some Cases). Can cause Greater Assemblies or EFFECT over what we can achieve as the “Tidal Wave” – Which corresponds to your Known Knowledge – Being Shifted by how we attend to work on out Things * As this here – That last Phrase.

It’s a Core Structural Implementation/Implantation, and by sending on out the effects of what some term “a Seed” we plant seeds here and there… And someday, Once it Matures enough, it’ll grow into something which can cause massive Movement in any pertaining fields of either technological/spiritual or Transgressional Lines of IMPACT. Which corresponds to how we/you Nurture the Seed… And then help it on Grow – Out of its Shell and Into a Manifestation. Which is the Core Structural Energy – In which we want or Have as an Opportunity, By reading on out Information (Or getting something by Direct Experience) – What we can make of a VERY INTERRESTING / LIABLE STRUCTURE, FOR OUR LIVES AUGMENTATION.

Or simply for the Joy, The Love that we give Into, by allowing People to see on “Different Occasions”, the perceptual Scope (Of Reliable Information) which is Put Out There, for beings to go Into and Shift/Transform, into one of the more Applicable Lines of Mutual Connectivity/Conductivity, for a Mass Tidal Wave Effect {Metaphorically Right?} haha.

Alright thats about it for today.

Well it seems we’re still in trouble, relying towards/onto what we had/have to what we “Believe” we need to make our Life “Easyer” to say the Least. With messages going out and Drawings which I have slowed down on.

TheOngoingExperience Blog, Is doing quite Well, I understand that from where we were at here, as opposed to there, may have shifted many things, as different forms of what was needed / Has been accomplished. Now seeing a Bigger Picture.

It’s still in its early stages, but even with, TheHigherPerspective Blog on Here, it seems things are starting to make more sense – In a way, because of the Structured Core (Implications), which have gone out by Development through Cosmoses (Mainly a Channel)… Converts many routes for a new assembly, If we would have everything we need, Being nescessities and Cash for our “Payments” and general well-Being, as we are in Depth of Gratitude for those who helped us out, in the Years. 

These times when I ask or Place on out an Opportunity for Donations to help us out. We received Nothing at all. And we managed but not in a Way by which we would have been Helped out a Lot more by any Indifferences here.

Anyhow, I’m rambling on, seems that’s how some / and a lot of Forms of Synchronicity happens.

One time I Went to the Eye doctor, and There was a man talking to my Mother, and he was speaking so fast, going on about asking question after question, and reading on out the Informational Field – Linked towards my Mothers “Informational Track” let’s call, and he was giving on out answers before she could even speak them out, haha.

Psychic in a Sense yes, they all do/are, but with different way’s to get/attain the Higher Density Structures… There’s the Lighter Way, Going on Up and attaining Higher Clarity, and theres also the Going Down (In Body) where we get Dense – as in a Higher Processional Scope (Informational System) – Guides, by which we can track and associate from “Fractal Access” what we Read on out – In the Field… And so on.

By depiction of a Title, Group Exchanges which are Made, Very Lucky to have folks who Chooses to experience on out there life from Assimilations… Which drives them to a certain Configuration by Allocations of course.

In, Well anyhow. 

I hope your Day/Night/Morning is going well, We here are in need of Money right now, and I was hoping to assimilate enough (From the Structure) to have/Give -> Implement on out the right Cords, for assimulations (Contact Assisted Simulations) which would Justify how we are Doing in these Moments by Giving on out Your Consensus or Reasoning towards beings whom may or may not be heavily Damage… But by occurances of where we are and how things are Unfolding – We could use a Good Boost, Pertaining to our General Well being for Active Time (On the Grids) and Sending on Out messages, drawings/Poems and More.

One on One Session, with me – When the time Allows for it, you should know when, by the Information that you get drawn to, act on, or simply dive in – ask questions or simply DONATE, and Leave your Email address with the form while you Donate, and I can get Back to you, with anything in Particular / While I’m in a Good Standing position, which takes times sometimes, because I can get very Tired, when we don’t meet our Needs, And one of the Main Factors which coalesces with my Lower Energetic State, is usually compliable with the Money we have concurrently with the working scope (Time Scale) opportunity for management.

Since, I’m on Disability, and Mylene has problems of her own, for work and with our child…

It’s hard sometimes for us to Manage – at great lenghts when we’re not on the same level of Contentment – Towards what we Contribute or When we Contribute (Usually when In good Standing / State of Being).

Alright Anyhow, I wish you Best of Luck in Reading on in this “Rambling of Sorts”, I’m just not sure what to do anymore, since I guess Trying is one way to/for the system to work against you when you “Need” money. Thats another Particular Scape here, We are in Need of A LOT of Money, so please Dear Readers, If you can donate a Simple 10$ each, This would be very Generous, and I will “try” and contact you if I can find your Email Address (Or maybe even send a Letter/Gift – Personal Channeling or Reading, right to your Mail Box) :) If I can’t find your Email Anywheres lol.

Alright Have at it Goodbye! Namaste!


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