Different Levels of Connections

Channeled Message – Ramek 

Hello Creator Beings, We wish to tell you today, of what was Foretold in the past – By Many, what concurrently holds our Deepest Connections of/within thought – From a Higher Singularity or Outpost.

You see, By defining yourselves, people who are used to having the same experiences, from connections they may get – After sending on out Prayers or other thoughtful Implementations.

Ideas may come up – Regarding at what level of “Connection” you may be drawn at/for or to. In this case, If you Understand that the outside world has many parts in which you can connect into – By viewing in this case – Becoming aware of Information which would be “Transformative” in this case – On your side of Perceptions and Probable Possibilities from your Ongoing / Learning and Experiences.

We want to allow you to Understand (Form) the right Adjacent Formulations of Thought, Through Expression, which is the way we Manifest a particular subject or Idea.

In this case, the Idea comes to you – which is and has always been – By a connection. Uknown in these times, your perceptive “arguments” let’s call. Which can be, an example – Someone Giving you (Adding from) one of their ideas they got (To do something) with you. In this case your perceptions which go on about from “Allocating” the energetic Liabilities of that Idea – Creates “Torsion” known as what we commend on from within. The attributable aspects of what gives us Drive, In times of need – By Aligning yourselves (A connection) to the way you Function – By depiction, a “turn-around” or loophole in the perceptive causes “With agreement” can show you, how we attribute Conscious Energy, In our surroundings by “Amplitude or Amplification” of our Connections (By thought forms) -/Shifting Patterns – and then we can associate or dissociate what portends to the Initial Fabrics or Ideas we get while allowing for/with free-will, as opposed to going in one particular direction… CHOOSE to send on out the fabrics of our Lives Multitude of Programable Charts (Interrior Charts / Patterns) which can shift by Undulated Core Attachments. What portends to be hidden and found through our Perceptive fields (Alignments) by In-Depth Structures of our Genomes “Wiring”.

In any Particular Case, This message may have shifted a bit (Meaning the Connections are Malleable – But Direct) By experiences of the Vibrational Frequencies – Emitted from Beyond {As another Person} in your area – May be Interracting or Changing the General Structure of what portends to be the Unlimited Connection to all that there is (In a Magnafold) a Splice in Generic Constables of how or what we attribute towards and into by adaptations.

Alright well this seems as it could go on forever, so I’ll stop here, and Go on about with Other Particular Activities as Ramek : May or May not have been giving his consensus within this message. As we drop down in Frequencies and Rise again, by formulations of our Greater connections by Perceptive Fields and Allocations of what we want to find (Get to), with or without particular knowledge or experience of how we get there.

Namaste, Goodbye, I hope you Enjoyed this Channeling or Automatic Writing I should say lol!

Have a great Night! 



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