Overcoming Anger

In life, many things can stress us out – Particularly concerning (What we have + are used to) and can suddenly – Not have anymore – Because of Certain Thing’s which may have happened. Stressing out over these “things” may cause us to loose focus on the important factors of life, where we can attend to be more happy and joyful, regardless of what the stresses may cause. You simply adapt and go through the troubles of what it causes (if it happens – Suddenly not having anymore) and by then try to not loose focus on the important things. Regardless of where you stand at in Life.

You make with what you have, and the probable setting you are in – If your up to perfectionism, then in some cases you want thing’s to be tidy and ready for when the time comes, that you will be using or having/needing what it is, that set’s you on the Right Track – Of that particular Focus which we don’t want to loose.

So in basic terms, finding a way, to go within and uncovering worlds and secrets to all – Is just a way for some to manage well without anything needed or, as they say (Precious to them) in a way for the “metaphorical survival needs”.

All in all, I wish you a Good Day, Be at One, we love to send on out messages as these, because it pertains to our own experiences/expressions – sometimes, and by then (Far Reaching – Out) in areas where we were expelled from our “governed” well state of being.

Trunification was a word utilized for us to keep in a good structured core assembly of what is driving the system (Implementation of New World Order “Mechanics”) Whatever these may be.

In any case, we are Poor as Fuck (Money Wise) and would have loved (Myself – Would) have loved to be able to send on out messages and get donations in return for my service – By which this is the only way I bring money to my family currently, which is not always going very well, (1 Donator per month/ Rarely 2) and I am sick and tired of what is going on (And Need a Fucking Change) towards/for the best before I go overboard.

So have at It! my rant of the Day.


I’m trying to do something good, but all in all it just seems like I have to give up! but they always told me never give up – So wheres my Lesions (Breaking Point).



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