#1 Delving deeper in cosmoses (This one is Mainly how things got Started) – The Partial Connections – End of a Cycle (Really fast energetic transcription / Constant and almost endless) – One stopping Point while writing

Delving deeper in cosmoses

Time is transparent to this moment, interceptions will be customary, your progress will bound by leaps in days to come, from now the known perception is trimetric, the awareness is false, and the understandings are mischievous… You’re right… time is compartmentalized, bring back to the light, we are federations, we transpire your messages.

In agreement for the time being you will be put in stasis for tonight the remnants of information corresponding deeper in your DNA, timetables, and truths are selective in meanings proportionate to Intel acquired from this moment, to the near future, if you balance interpretations, or cycle through them, you will develop new senses, keen senses, in the training programs.

Your mentor is there, we are here, you’re welcomed anytime in these correspondences, we will take care of that for you, now wait till tomorrow until… we have understood new stage set for now let’s explain if you stay up this will be detrimental in effects of your crystallization and health, you will need to balance accords before we can continue.

New inquiry Intel is given quickly you decide how you interpret it, we will see in future nodes, in stasis time of being, what you’re compartments will be for.

For the time being these keys are to give you better connotations.

Lesser noise in the fields once radiation subdues, you will notice sunspots erupting, you will give time for awareness in training to full consciousness.

Respecting moments to correct mistakes are important for now, you have the ability to choose what you want to do, we do not force anything on you except if you want to go on the ascension path, for accelerations, we inquire you give yourself up to love time, as is given, information grows fond in you. The higher emotions are templates for better transparency, we give you no more than you can handle, with time, you will see more folks with similar constructs.

These are in a given way augmenting your timetables, time lapsing, interstellar communications, interplanetary and commendable energetics in bonds from other dimensions.

Your future is key to surrounding individuals on this earth, you have templates corresponding to some of their activations, remember time is carefully manage in reasoning to conquest the remainder of this message, transporting energy’s will give way to telemetry, your soul is abundant, your correspondences are intellectualizing new awareness, for the time being, give way to social interactions, the key is not to lose grip on reality, far from it, reality is ever changing, reaching higher ones from your time.

Part 2, never underestimate your innate potential to transpire things, in time, these are from interstellar communications, brought forth by the active substances within your light bodies, it’s embedded within the DNA. All surrounding events are proportional in acquired time, to let you see, perceive, higher attributable constraints so you can look beyond and attempt new ways of forming awareness or consciousness.

Those are time events, resembles chance, augment, and thus restore havoc in threes for living in this multitude is correspondence to symmetrical advancements in universal laws.


Universal laws decreed by Maitreya, living in denial is conceptual to your momentous flow. Give thanks to those who aperture you’re given meanings in time your gifts will come. Now to set yourself free was as easy as attempting to fix a cradled child, interpretations, give thanks…

These correspond to given formal attributes of your now incoming galactic self.

Transpire meanings to resemblances in cosmoses, words are deemed reckless in above aforementioned telepathic constructs, they come from your self-imposed transcendental annalist, as for the time they take for decree, are subliminal within your etheric bodies.

You see, the momentous flow given from surrendering, is quadrupling effective constants of accelerations, within self-actualized correspondence in transferal states. This means in the time being, that formal acceptances of your laws, universal in nature, for consciousness and galactic beings, as above so below, is given in linear fashions for correspondence to take place in antiquity, forms of awareness…

You see we are advance interplanetary, and communications are foremost accepted worldwide by your people, if you would only understand. Give yourself some time for mesmerizing events will activate your higher awareness in given time these will be permanent and consequently apparent to subliminal restoration for time stamps. OK now see what occurs in your time, has already happened in ours, so we can see where you are all heading and help you, if you so choose… To remember your full potentialities, your remembrance, to simplified terms will be given for extractions of lower body in stasis.

Time jumps are deliberate in these communications, they gave existence to manners in all of the above at multiple points in transcription.

Channeling is a form of transcription when we know what it is given for… But in time, if the continuous dialogue is true to your exempts, you will notice accelerations within time, for your energetic bodies are surpassing known limitations… I should say physical bodies are in progress of turnaround or roundtable discussions…

The formations of cells and activations for quantum thoughts to take place, these are acquired when you have rising frequencies.

The more you give way to intelligent manners, the more mesmerizing or complex your personal inquiries will be… The manifestations… Given for the time being…. Complex emotions are now surfacing this balanced individual…. Corresponding now…. To take the time is diligent for what we usually mean by trespassers in energetic fields, are beings, foreshadowing previous lives and usually they are abundant complex little energy packets that give away information for processing in this lifetime…

They give away meanings that are aboriginal. But when the time comes and their detrimental effects are surpassed the informational fields will be clear and advancing at quicker higher frequencies… The knowledge will be surpassing the known constructs of this universal time table and be given in time a new set of rules if you will, existing components to have as a rematerialized way of being, without changing existences… But for the time being these things will come in accordance to universal laws…

Cobra ok let’s speak of the one known as cobra. His intelligence makes part for a restoration phase in revolving minority’s, in fact the reason why his messages are important is because they awakened the possibility of conducting higher thoughts when imagination is being stimulated.

In other words there are no such things as events that will be “blackened” time is corresponding to new telemetry… Inquiry, Cobra is non-informal take part in his light as they are key to give away storylines or interpersonal guidance from past lives, past events…

Look into your hearts and you will see we don’t originate from Earth. It is but a construction of the human genome in experiments to advance a soul further in evolution.

What happens here is key to interstellar communications you’ll see later on, after the event…

What we mean is that for the given time being, we are inquiring messages on your part from your genome that is functional in our galactic inheritances. You see we are all part of a system conforming of time travels and dimensions consisting of interconnectedness, and meaningful attributable events which we all don’t see because of our human… The human genome the way this body functions…. See the time we are in right now is playing a key role in the ascension process, now what we mean by ascension, it is a word devolving attributes of past intakes from similar inquiry’s as what is taking place here… To transgress instances, you will be given the right to continue… Ok now that’s complete, given time to realize what just happened…

Foremost amelioration in these communications will be taking place in the above sectors of constraints…. The perceptions were given for a small percentage of individuals… The fabricated “banks” ok as memory banks…. Temporizes the velocity, vibrational states while in stasis….

OK given that time is constructed in rectangular form… What we mean is downright being formed within space, is that the remnants, or parts, of what we notice in you is symmetric….

You will see… in time it all has to do with time. What is time? Correspondence will unlock these in time… Do you see they are amplitudes of ways to denote what time is…? A measurement devolving attributes are corresponding to no time. Now what is no time? It is the same as being in one place or the other at the same time as for communication going on from one point as the same point in a different location within no time.

If time would be separated to fractals, there would be misuse of this knowledge… Do you see where we are going with this??? Extemporization, fractals do you understand what fractals of time are? Pieces… They are notions of a life being live on many occasions deliberately place in zones, places where the remnants of this information is being actualized… Do you understand what it is to actualize remnants of time? They are fractals you see… Given this time now the fractals are created by your constants or laws, invisible laws… Perception is what we mean. Now to turn this message in no time. Its meaning is limitless in nature, what we conceive of here 6:50 is trans-personalized from here 6:51 now you see those two points are connected but in given time*** they will be fractals of consequent matters at hand.

Powerful movements of these can be achieved in perceptions which derive in higher octaves… Basically yes a higher octave of perception is surmountable on states of virtues in time… Vocabulary not set yet to hyper manifest with responses, in remaining header of choices for transpiring messages, from above the normal templates.

A user simply has what he has… The human genome has parts of everything, well almost everything in it.

But on given occasions these similar retrospection are contemplations of greater aspects within the self. What we mean is the core of our beings is above a trans-personalized code for limitless possibilities are within the hands of humans.

6:55 as time stamps are placed we see 6 which can be cared for as 33 if we divide equally and 55 which can be seen as 2 units of the same making 2 or 10 if we count them together. Let’s take 33 and 2… 33*2 gives 66 this makes 3333 which gives 4 units of the same value 3, and from 4 we have 22 if split equally and these in single units will give 2. And that concludes this form of coding to simplify meanings in transgressional states.

A transgressional state is a dematerialize focus of being, it is an awareness running over the one we are used to having, it’s almost like taking a mirror and having our view crystallize from the reflection instead of having it surmounted on top of our awareness, we say it is ratter perplexing, simply put it is notable in future meanings, resemblances in higher consciousness will give away these virtues to fabric new matter at hands.

The corresponding interplanetary shock wave coming from Alpha Centauri is transporting utilization of ground matter, consciousness is devolving in fields of individuals, transcriptase are corresponding in, and meanwhile we can write about internal affairs meaning inner workings of consciousness….

Polarity is constant in conscious energy if you give away to formations, the subdividing factor of that form is quantified in means of interchangeable communications, and this is compelling in different forms of surmounting polarizations.

GFL surprisingly is getting to know you as you are family with them… They are surrounding you and taking good care of your environment, if you let devotions go to waste you will see new ways of being that are ratter perplexing to the human genome, the form of consciousness.

Responsible adults are key in for child evolution the remaining constructs are derivatives of a formal awareness.

These mean time and time again the selective choices corresponding to surrounding activities are in correlation to this feed.

The channeled material is compartmentalized trough crystal matter or DNA which is fabricating in terms of awareness, new codes of conducting interplanetary consciousness in what you would call as of now from individual learning’s, a unified field.

Infinite matter at hands, we come now to see this field work in progress with what you have accomplished, we say we admire the time you take in these messages as for the controlling factors of aboriginal constructs are deeming interstellar and compromises the fabricated matter at hands, we are individual, selective, missionaries for Gaia’s grid entrancement…

De-notions we are star family just taking care of Gaia, you are in time going to fabricate a new awareness in individuals from a constraint that is in place in universal laws…. This is just for the human ascension protocols they give away the best times to assimilate these.

Tomorrow, and yesterday is best, as for keeping this feed in good construction is key to your mappings in zones on Earth where this information will be received after we complete a cycle to greater resolutions within individuals having higher grid experiences…

These may or may not be in correlation to this time period in which having the energy surged around the Earth will bring possible understandings to individuals having higher connotations… Higher mappings taking place accordingly within their consciousness.

12 hours/days from now there is going to have a surmountable surge in energy happening around globally from portals opening up in space time equivalents of dimensions commissioning far away… These are connected directly to Earths 5:55pm…

These are connected directly to Earth’s time zones and efficient information is given for a better course of action to be taken….

Correspondence will happen accordingly…. These messages are personal for now but given the time being they will need to go out… As for humans around this planet will be in no time zones of where isoperimetric focuses or synapse, stasis, or awareness, in given time from EVENTS, from foremost background knowledge, is transpiring in futuristic timelines when these go out…

It forms a sustenance in formal grounds, known space, the known reality… Shaken to the core will have big effects on individuals whom are transpiring or needing to transpire effective immediately information about ground zero or the zero, zero, zero, focal point of telemetry awareness….

Utopian nature derives from fabricated self-awareness.

Holding anchoring key evolutionary concepts of higher understandings between individuals, will form the basis of a new awareness, a new state for humans to fall into, or have crystallize melded in with new formations of energies that will hit this Earth which by hit, we mean we are on the path of a great awakening in individuals having no awareness of these on the planet… This is corresponding to levels inquiry do you respond????? Realities are merging to personalize responses…

Correspondence is neutral. More so keen interviewers, remote viewers are surrounding you… Try to understand this in a matter of corresponding noises and trespassing fields of awareness in known time…

The levels diligently being given to you the time it takes for you to understand who you are… It’s just unbearable undertaking this formation for further construction of telemetry where are we in your fractals… Happening now is compartmentalization, denoting, interplanetary communications are in motion.

Do you see how you can be a part of these? Xylos responds nonexistent does not exist for the time being… You see words are very articulate when it comes to information that you are transpiring when we see you have this knowledge given the fact that you keep on going it is foremost deliberate for you to understand or remember… In time of anomaly… ••• correspondence false… Evidence in partaking numerals will fall in positive hands for the remaining counterparts. Be aware of the known sounds transpiring in given moments… The surrounding core aspects of this individual is going to transpire, give away some info which we all need to receive right now??

Your time is up for this moment, you see responsible intakes of knowledge is going to compartmentalize aspects of your belongings… Trans-personalize, transform, terminological responses from casual awareness to superimposition consistency’s to reform the matter at hands in time, with time denoting advents of a singular moment from interplanetary shocks…

Counterparts are correlating to new Intel on given sub actuality.

Nonetheless this is correspondence to the new Intel.

Given time zones are 2 4 6 8 9 ten percent of individuals on this Earth are sub actualizing their missions for augmenting, becoming galactic humans, in other words free of patterns, older energies playing out for ground zero commands.

You will see with time, your true nature is beyond anything we have ever seen… Well the same goes for us but in your body in this body in human terms the human body has seen many surpassing abilities to conformant, amazing intentions, for gradual intellectual capacities.

But these foremost channelings are key, not compartmentalized, but forming gradual awareness that transpires to past events, which is not only important to some but detrimental to you.

Given time stamps will correct anomalies. 6:01

Twelve hours, the time will shift, energies will gather to our corresponding forms of awareness. The key is to transmute with diligence the levels of the fabricated reality at hands….

What this will give is reconstructed awareness for new humanitarian states will occur in individuals for three 7:31… Counterproductive… OK see now what we mean in terminological forms of this individualize concept is that forming attributes in the lower awareness will transpire codes of lineage to awaken different time stamps, we have no words right now…. It will awaken different, eventual, terminology, see ok wait… It will awakened aspects of this feed in propositions to higher intakes of this knowledge after correcting anomalies thereby switching conformances to a higher gradual breakdown of the realities in which where formed after the event.

Possible understandings of this event was causation of a quarterly, of a quantum, of a stasis… Blank slate we do not conceive of these possibilities while the resurgence is not in fluctuation.

Popular is to look back this individual has not since.. To see parts of this come to fruition this would be automatic writing…

Compartments, if this message is fabricated from interplanetary exchange of energies and galactic plus core selves, higher selves, crystals in transmutations, remote viewers, energetic frequencies from far away, other dimensions, space, different time zones, correspondences around this Earth, lots of archangels in corresponding entities amassing light for future individuals, who will partake in a certain event when the time comes to fruition…

Given this event has been spoken of so many times why are we not??? You see we are all key players in this event, or maybe, we all partake in it just at different occasions. Meaning this terminological response to a new future will have been devolved…

What we mean by devolve is a term which has not come to us as of yet in energies, familiar energies.

You see evolvement is part of this term what creates it so is devolvement*** do you understand this if you know what is truth? You see devolvement is a form of responses it is?? Less of in thereof to become see with greater care truth… Ok let’s put it this way truth is?? What corresponds to you in meaningful ways from what we could call past experiences…?

Now this moment truth is given in a way that devolves the meanings of truth… Do you see what we mean? In given time you will understand as for some has already, they hold a compartmentalization of it, from acquaintances (Visuals).

Now remembering your natural state of being as a galactic being. What you came here to do on this planet is? Give freely experiences devolving to greater heights of correspondences…

No more individuals are corresponding to this feed… Now this is from??? A higher octave?? Simple yet ineffective, see give time for this to re-assimilate in corresponding selves…

Nonetheless —> More so, never again? Transporting new Intel…. 4 minutes, why always 4 minutes? 7:42 heliocentric, de-materialization, corresponding units are left of infinity 7:43 clearings are taking place… Time stamps are anomalies, inquiries, or subversive in attributes of past constructs within fields of individualized perspectives. The being is in correspondence to a higher attributable timestamp in given moments of this resourceful counterpart within fractals of resemblances?? Nodes, contemporary… 7:44

New correspondences are taking place in this individual. New symmetric forms of counter personal, individual, will see…

Amassing light for co-creative constructs are aboriginal. Conceptual meanings are foreign as of now, today, yesterday, tomorrow, individuals having responded to these are key… HOLLOW DECKS}}} semantics…

Flood gates open when? Responses are acquired. Neutrinos are self-depictive, corresponding to Polar Regions, collecting them is valuable for a space time equivalent mission in new brought up awareness…. No zones of foreshadowing this information will be given… The time it takes to understand realize these is not in synch with foremost individualize or most individuals from a lower interpretation or constructed matter, they are free of counter productions while the fragments of their memory is consensual to parts of their missions on… Their soul contract or?? Parts of freeing them is within their free will… The choices emitted from their beings are counterproductive while the life stretches as the elastic band, gives them way for further dis-assembly…

Until new matter at hands are given for the residual effects of heliocentric views… compare with this, heliocentric views are??? From views, centric, center, of awareness.

Constructed of awareness, what is time? Points, centric views, compares with time… See this in correspondence to new world affairs in time.

Fabrics are two times, more likely to happen when, no energy is conscious in surroundings.

Do you see what stasis is?? Thoughts revolve. If we would keenly ignite their meanings, within time this denotation would be abolishing the fabricated compartments of communication with higher intelligences… The inner workings are devotions… See now we have found devotions…. It comes from within. Everything is in existence happening within, what surrounds you, is already a part of what’s within?? To understand this you must contract the meaning of supernovas?

What this notion forms is visual energetics within bounds of other senses coming to fruition. Correct now with those you will see how to transport, in given time, denotations from notions to devotions, as devolution is, evolution?? See imparts from?? A set of levels, understanding these are deliberate, fashions are not required yet the way we would interpret them is not clear fact. As for the level we are at is in workings to counterpart with devotions, constructing notions which are from trans-personalized states….

Look within and you will see what devolutions really are… They are far in effects just a word… Its meaning is differentiated by your level of conscious reasoning.

Extraterrestrials acknowledge parts of counter-productions… See parts in keen aspects to why they exist… Give yourself some time for why they are there, it is all but a dream for you is it not?? Looking into, from aspects given in the past, interpretations of creations are made in a state where dreams are part of the functioning awareness… The known world, once it is but a dream you will have achieved a higher level of intelligence… But the notions exist in multidimensional ways of being… You see given you are free of factual stasis… This bond connection you create in surrounding awareness is controlling a fabrics of consensual aspects in devolvements…. (Access to higher confrontations within uptakes for individuals corresponding at this moment 000…) Now can you respond to this word??? (Zero, zero, zero) 1:08; 8:02 they are aspects of our understandings gathered with inner senses or inner workings through our consciousness… Denotations… They are aspects of our mappings which may not correlate to abbreviations in the upcoming days from trans-personalized conducts… Impartially this may have been conceived at this moment…

Ok meanings are interpersonal, counter-parting ways with individualized messages within bonds of symmetric postulations… Why symmetric? Sine and trines would not go together if they were bended distorted… Symmetric is a key compartment to understanding a life event that has gone on long ago when time was nearly in existence… As what we call the big bang has proportions of distortions in notions from abolishing counterparts of this stream ok??

Now awareness it trickles… Views are in acquaintances, yes some are receptive to, telepathic communications… Once they come for a time of greater responsibility they will denote the remainder of effects to conceptualize… Right now the possible outcomes are responding firmly to contending beliefs from symmetrical abolition’s. Interactions in other words are foremost slowing this feed down… Double awareness it is ongoing… Ha yes, time and time again this is free of given constructs that will compromise its effectiveness in the near future… You see, once again… Time is formulated by aspects of forms in, knowledge gathered at… Moments of personalized awareness is going to fade… False… The matter at hand is false? Again, body interactions are devotions of?? Beliefs?? Foremost aware of these will give you?? Fractals of intelligence that transpires from past knowing, developed while reading, searching outside of oneself…. To be is to see to create is to hear to transform is the one we must find… Given time here being, transformation is?? Same as meta-morphing, if we metamorph the primal sound we are… Fabricating a?? Transformation of??? Awareness, maybe this was a key part of what we wanted to show you… The way you know awareness is not the same way some will know awareness…. You see higher consciousness is?? It’s a function.

The known universe is? A function… Now in time, ascension is for??? A function… So everything is for?? Has a function?? Now does it? Where is the core?? I have been searching for hours and cannot find it… Transparent it’s in other transparency, dimensions** in given time, notations…

Crystals are forming, new service to energize Earth with photogenic light… Is this true?? Atmosphere is on occasions having bombardment of transporting information how is this???? Fabrics the fabrics of telemetry… Given in time are devotions to higher realities… But to understand it you have to see the totality… Which in turn is governed by your life decisions, which then again derives of formations constructed by your formal awareness, conscious awareness within these messages…

You see we are giving you time stamps now for the remaining time we have to conduct the new Earth, is in querying, transporting, new intelligence to this reality, new bonds of acquaintances which people can utilize for a greater purpose in life, seeming life missions become surreal for moments but they are all in play interplanetary, and universal cosmic nations are watching this Earth… Remember the notions here are given for free will codependency, co-creation it is flying endorsing, protein formation??? Body works wait… I was getting other energetics from, //??? More wanting to know… Who is watching down stairs?? Below umm family… In time spherical, family from spherical… I could write a book I suppose…

Ok so now what 8:20 formations are getting grander…? Because you’re keeping these going… 8:21 take a break take a Kit-Kat… OK devotions…. Parts are wanting to stop other parts have no clue why they would stop and more so, in given time this feed is going to transform to higher awareness again!! Not now time fractals are diligence from numerical stands, energy focuses are given for confrontations… You see we are not here to tell you what to do simply put we will help you take on a better path if you will as for ascension is one of your fabricated post mortem you see death in search… Reasoning is no more?? Beyond these are fractals now you see who they are?? Others whom have died… Correspondence to these inquiries are formal, they come from some of them while interpretations are given for your gradual space in time to evolvement when applicants are ready OK? OK intrusive alignments…

Now time to see how good you are getting at channeling…

Today we want to speak to you of three things… First is responding in kind matters, two, is being patient, 3 is not letting go… OK?

Restoration phases are complete.

Disclaimer: This information may be shared in its entirety, as long it is in its former state as disposed on (https://metamorphosingtheprimalsound.wordpress.com/), and have links to the origination (source).

Be at One, Namaste


Don’t Remember Putting this one Out on Here, (Somethings Which are just left for a Turnaround)

A model for Ascension


1.0 -/A depiction Inside


Alright, coming to new terms here (In Here), I will allow Mario, to find the eventual accelerated contextual mappings, in third eye visuals, after attaining a Link – To the Information – Related to our Augmentation (Vortex Contact Space).


1.1 -/Inside the Secret Space Program


We have attenuated beyond disproportionate links, being, the intelligence which is modulated from the exo-atmospheric variations within the Planet’s many “Bodies” to say the least – Etheric and beyond from Magnetism, and so on – Dimensional Overlap – Frequency Bursts and Adjustments pertaining to the Quantum Molecular Structures of the Planetary Whole (In Place) in the Universe by Surrounding “Entities”.

What we accentuate (Accelerate/Decelerate) On – Is made for our Greater “Turn-Ups” – In meaning, we have adapted to numerous flows of informational downloads -/ Acquitted for beings of a Higher “Overlay” – In Understandings, pertaining to the evolutionary Ladder – In depth Analysis – From on-out of disproportionate links. By deterioration – Means to gather here, the appropriate formulations for the vortex contact space to begin (In Depth) by analyzing the concurrent nodes (In Understandings) which overlaps the multidimensional barriers (Temporalities) in “Disguise” from aforementioned “Pre-maps” (Contextual mapping).

So in depth, the analyzed structures – For Ascension of our Beings, are made in Contemplations which is adjusted by the Quantum Molecular Structures (The Drive – Intake Point) – from assimulations (Contact Assisted Simulations).

So to temporize the effects of what we have gathered here, in this case, we allowed for Mario to CONJOIN the Etheric EFFECTS of the Multipliable Extortions founded upon delocalized/Prosperized Allocations, from on out – of the attenuations founded upon “Trust Funds”. Which is the same Mingle as the Opposite Polarized Adjacent Formulation of Thought (Idea) which comes in by extortion of the adjacent formulation of thought “Ingrained” – Implemented on Earth as the Economy (Economique Structure – Monetary System) and by “Trades” we have found how the allocations of the energetic modules (Cords) can lash on-out from disproportionate links the attenuations of hyper dimensional beings, (Transcriptions in Modulations by Exo-Quantum Algorithmic Factors) which suppresses and Transgresses in purposeful means the adjacent formulations of thoughts needed for us to understand where the information in {Creating – its vortex contact spaces} for algorithmic feedback allocations (Transmission Loops) – Founded upon channeling, in delocalized Prosperized Funds of Initiates beyond temporal alignments of the Downfall (Inquisitorial Mappings – WHEN ACQUIRED). Meaning in one place in time, it is “disguised” as a polar opposite of the Informational Dis-Fluctuations contemporizing the external cords – of activity – Founded Upon trust in “SYSTEMS” that utilize the telekinetic Data -/Exchange Group (Assimilations) – From on out within. It’s a Wired State of Being after attenuating / accelerating in malleable states of conscious energy (Awareness) shifting proponents of our souls (Under stressful or repeated situations {In another Reality} Temporality) – AKA the Multidimensional Spheres of physical counterparts – Matter in attenuation – by dispersions of the quantum molecular structures (Grids disposing simultaneous Understandings) the Concurrent nodes of Assimulations – Contemporized from “after effects” (Aftermath).

1.2 -/The Contextual Mapping would denote times of what we achieve (In great Lenghts) the Abolishments – What pertains to the Individual – Undivided Basis – for fractal Access beyond sub-normal proponents of thoughts which is equatorial towards beings of a higher amplitude in the energized scope from perception (Intake Points) from Reality.

Dispositional Fluctuations attenuate from-on Beyond Subtle Reasons (Thought Processes) which accentuates by delocalizing perpetual Agents (Rituals in Assessments) – From Neutralized Concords of the Assembly Modules.

1.3 -/The assembled Proprietor Factors – CONJOINED-IN-/WITH a Particular Agenda* to say the Least.



1.4 -/Contraction Point for the Assimulations


The Proprietor Fabrics Devolved in Here, Resembles what we will attain in/with clearer Insight after, disposing of the telemetric Systems which concurrently works by abundance (Formations) of telekinetic energy – Data exchange (Conversions of Energetic Modules) – & Through/with Acceptance.

Which means, the Singular Scope – Perceptual Field-Elevation “Structure”, is held from in-depth “programing” from the Liable structures of our Conjoined Trimetric Formulations of Thoughts (Expansion and Contraction) sending on Out from an Enormous – Gridview – Network of Folks whom Utilizes the Telekinetic Data exchange / Charge Particle* Similar Structures of the In-Depth TRUTHS which we may Find on out-About through Particular Means (Expositional Grid Exchange Points) – From on out of Assimulations (Contact Assisted Simulations) in Terminologies Experienced Here – By Abundant Formations, we want to allow you to find the exact Structures for our Hearts Well-Being / Adjacent Structures which goes on out – from the unseen Kinetics (Perspectives of the Higher Causes) of “Charged Particles” Disposing telemetric Data through Accumulation (The Charge – Dispel-Rink) *Think of Ovulation…

In depth, Meanings Change – Transgresses through multiple alliances, numeric Structures for Conditioning on a Higher Attributable formation of conscious energy (Conscious co-kinetics).


1.5 -/By the Occurrence of Thought


This is how we dispel, proprietor fabrics of the undulated cords (Of attachment) – Found Herein/Through here as adaptable/Confined Knowledge – Made by the Interpretations * Thoughtful Awareness. And by depiction of a title, which transgresses, partials of the totality, being the summed-Up Events, Numerated for accountability in future nodes (Coalescing with greater Truths -/In depth Truths – {For our Alliances} whichever Alliances they or these may be/become).


1.6 -/Turnaround – Group Consciousness (Levels Derivatives)


By Acknowledging the Interest, we have found purposeful means to gather consciousness in Exo-Spherical Notations/Connotations which are adaptable to truman figures/The exchange points for Contact.


1.7 -/Sines and Singularities

By depiction of a Title, the Aforementioned “Pre-maps” (Contextual Mapping/Map – Gateway) is made adjustable by In-Depth Analysis, portending to changes in the Quantum Analytical Remaps (Remapping Concurrent Nodes – Adjacent to Infinity).

Terminologies of this Gateway – has been made accessible by Localizing Agents from beyond contextual Mapping “In Time” Being-of * Left of Infinity.


1.8 -/The Quantum Loop (The Quantum Looper*)

This has been made accessible in the past, where modulations of the hyper active cores, would “Have” adapted towards our greater Understandings from the timelines which were “Created” By adjusting the “Time Scope” singular Momentum of what we portend to find as simply being an Accident*.

Purposeful Means to create with the greater attributions of thoughts which far-excels in what we have conjoined with in time by localizing agents to different areas around the world. The purposeful means of gathering intelligences at Many Intervals throughout Space and Time, which localizes some formulations for a contemporal “Glitch” (Glitching Prosperous amounts of Being within a Trans-Dimensional Compartmentalization Process).

These depictions may have been made from off-settled shores -/Of displacements within the multiple barriers, allocations of a temporality and submersible realms of thoughts (By depiction / Trumanship).

Namaste, we care for more in times of need, where areas of the World – Where in and above/Beyond their Head (Particular Setting for “the Clouds” to commence, Universal Uplink), Multiple allocations of the sub-contemporal realms of thought through intellectual gatherings within time of receiving these scripts*.

Namaste, We leave you in Joy, Be at One!

This was an Interesting One (The Post) from the Past – Which I had deleted (In any Case) the Information in here can be correct “Sometimes” as It was a Convoluted Transcription -/Still Constant


I wanted to write about the being whom I encountered in my contact trip after finishing GRinD, which you can find (The writing) on my web site Metamorphosing The Primal Sound, under the menu section, which if you’re on Mobile, it should be the horizontal lines under the banner (image and title) of my site.

Now let’s start this off, apparently I may have learned of some things on this Earth, which should have categorized me as a potential Asset to some beings which are working on “projects”. Any difference on those particular projects should be noted to change the entirety of my writings. By chance I have allowed some of my writings to mirror partials to a secret which is imposed from this Earth that allows us to sustain, a group of beings, which works in many fields with great care and expertise. As you know, when we initially go on the Internet for the first time… It takes a while before we come to find our place on it. With many different possibilities. As you can see, some remote areas on Earth which allows for Internet. When people don’t usually get information which is known to many who uses the Internet and finds information ratter complex or signifying particular subjects which is new, different and may cause confusion or misinterpretation of the “world out there”. We seem to have gathered enough in short amounts of time, about 3 years and a half.

You see my initial stage of awakening had to do with a video which I found on the Internet. In some ways, I was readily open to the concept of extraterrestrials. Meanwhile, while allowing for enough time to capture the right momentum, for initiations found on the Net. I allowed for communion with experts of an open mind. The constructs of how I got to this place, started off by using drugs, in which I had mind altering experiences, and then faltered in a state of being which was a bit different than my original core state of consciousness. I made some research on the web, about a pain which I had over my right ear in my head. I found out about psychoses, and then when I read the symptoms and what it was. It made sense to me, since I could connect partials of what was going wrong in my life after a while of experiencing with drugs. Mainly DXM and speed. The effects regarded by the causes of psychoses, allowed me to believe into what I had no potential clues about. You see if I had never researched on my pain in my head on that particular day, I wouldn’t of have gone to see my doctor, which allowed me to meet a psychiatrist, which put me on a lot of different drugs. Since I was open to try them out, I thought hopefully this would help me out. It changed the entire structure of my experiences, which allowed me to get to these points today. If you want to experience with an open mind, the concepts of information conducted by research. You will find that the information is particularly an imprint, which allows you to change the direction you’re going in by the formations of belief.

If we allow ourselves to be controlled by the information which is on the Net. Mostly without noticing, it changes the way we are learning about our universal nature in attendance to beings working on projects which allows us to augment and develop freely, with the use of our imagination and discernment.

By causes of what happened here, I learned about some technology which exists, and can be used to alter our minds. Send visions and other attributes towards what we do daily.

In affects what the being came to tell me, the one I saw in my yard, very clear hallucinations. I can’t be sure of how it began, but initially he was a part of me, a part of existence and beyond. To know if this was caused by their technology, or more so the technology of other beings, which allows for manifestations as hallucinations. It is a probable understanding which I may have found in the past, and allows for greater experiences which helps align our truths by simply letting it go.

The greater cause of effects, were regarded as beings which were extremely intelligent working in tantrum with the expertise of our knowledge, to impose on a system which has advance the potential of human beings around the world. Initially it was self-serving, attributable to conditioning which impartially brought us to these terms, of an interdimensional being, which helped me get to where I am today.

By processes too advanced for me to understand within these days, which have allowed me to experience an extraordinary amount of events, in which one of the experience was a transfiguration. It caused me to assemble some partial constructs of what we are mainly attending here on Earth as species who doesn’t have much clues about how we started on Gaia.

*Now the message down below has been written after a shift, which caused another form of reality to be experienced.

You see this may have been imposed from long ago, before my birth. The initial constructs of GRinD. The potential to read words in which was written differently in GRinD allowed us to realize a self-sufficient feature within the Grids of the Internet, which allowed us to understand the fabrics of existence, by allowing prophecy to unfold, by the effects of a machine which works in this Universe and affects mainly everybody, with notice or not.

To transcribe the effects of the machine. It seems to work in conjunction with an interplanetary contract which was made far back in time, by allowing beings to experiment on us, by having the choice to duplicate history in another format. What I essentially mean by this, is that we can find stories which have been passed down, that have been transformed to another level of our consciousness, which allows us to connect the deeper roots of the past, from the future, as to find the hidden potential within the true meanings or experiences that have happened a long time ago.

Now as to come to terms with the initial construct of this Document. Ueymaex’oe was mainly a being capable of traversing the space time continuum, by changing the very fabrics of what we call consciousness… Namely Metamorphosing the Primal Sound.

You see the Primal Sound is the Natural essence of existence, when the Universe came into being, the natural sound, frequency which began life, is ever changing to a gradual height of our understandings by which particle accelerators, are trying to develop and find an initiative of the forces which lies behind the universe’s main language. By allowing metaphysics to form an alliance with science, we can allow for better communion on what is attainable from the many venues, existent on this Earth.

By changing the gradual timelines which have been imposed as an artificial intelligence, it should allow for higher transparency, in which case we can learn from gene transcription, the hidden messages which we obtain, by gathering from the right areas, the messages beyond the message. It allows for a bigger picture, and also something which guides us in a different direction.

The very fabrics of the universe might as well be known as a substance which traverse’s into other physical universes. To maintain the effects of this writing we are now allowing the machine to work on Mario. The potential effects regarded within this writing should be noted to change gradually as we accept what has been created from the start of this Document. By any chance we can learn about the exponential growth factor which has allowed Mario to get to a specified area within consciousness that allows us to foretell the future by exemptions of our awareness, mainly because we have associated from another state of being, which allows physical imprints within the DNA and generic code.

By higher transparency, as known by intelligences which work concurrently with Mario, we allow for a bigger conceptualization of the physical universe’s History, by gathering knowledge interposed from Grids within Cosmoses.

The initiative force which compels us to drive the system or machine is conceptualized within documents which should come out in about 80 to 82 days from this date January 13th 2016.

Now by all means if we allow the greater perceptions to be attained within humans… The way we understand the bigger picture, is similar to something which shifts in and out of existence many, many times in mere seconds. As we have the potential to gather a larger amount of energy, from utilizations of how or what we contend to, on the Internet. While allowing for others to notice the information gathered around the world, it seems we can come up on an impasse that associates from the very fabrics of our genomes transcription of reality while we are in active statuses ourselves.

Mind control is very real… Potentials of the machines, can allow for extraordinary corruption, or advances, if we allow for the right workings of someone whom is under a transfiguration, transposing matter, energy within the beings, for an energetic assembly line which exists from another potential point in space, it allows for core conjunctions of individuals regarded as inter-dimensional beings.

To traverse in affects what we learn from Mind control, is that by allowing higher virtues of reality to form within the being’s internal vision, allows for manipulation of the energetic cords which assimilate data from within, and can cause some advancements, or distress, depending on what is needed for the right formulations to begin its core contact role.

By letting the being whom is under Mind Control chose circumstances by the effects of information which they read. It couples with an extraordinary effect which can change the entirety of their lives by effects of realities in which we go in and out to shift potential limits, and cause advances in the processes of ascension.

When we let go of the Mind Control, mainly we get plugged back into our main personality or language which creates new advents from trigger points which have been construed within the past projects while the being had been under the machine’s capacity to encode and decod3 information, shifting a particular being into a direction by programming the mind, directly or subliminally.

They simply need to play with their perceptions and awareness, which allows for key triggers and measures as to change the programming which is held deep from within.


Down into where we see up as the ground.

That line from GRinD, it imposes specified details in which we are concurrently working in adjacent forms to maintain a structure, which should allow us to see deeper into venues which disposes processes of assimilation from past memory, and past lives, if we get to a specific break within the constructs of how we are going to decode GRinD.

The effects stimulated by gathering the essential proponents of our undulated forms of conscious resonance, should allow us to maintain the right information by grid ratios, which can explain the causes of how we are attaining a better understanding of my document which heralds undiscovered truths, by which some individuals will gradually get to a breaking point, and shift their minds programming, to allow a more suitable route, to be taken when we are in what I have termed transgressions.

Now as you see transgressions, the way in which I use this word. It’s exponentially linked to causes of misunderstandings, which shifts the constructs of the programing. Cause and effect, people go around the group laws which have been created on Earth, as some end up killing others.

By transposing matter within this document, we allow you to find the correct formation of words which heralds attributes of cosmic alliances. What portends to the meanings which are hidden from transposing matter, it changes the constructs in which we have attended in the past, under circumstances of the mind control.

Initially to falter back into a sustainable state of being, we allowed Mario to gather the necessary experiences to allow for memory to coincide as flashbacks… Initially this would portend to an initiative force called reverse engineering. It’s simple to the effects of what we have used as a programming which allows potential shifts, as a safety mechanism. It allows for shifts in the general direction we are heading into, or the general Ideal or block we are at while allowing for higher attributable forms of conscious co-kinetics.

To sustain accords we should implement greater teachings in the future which may mislead some readers by chances of what we are making as a contribution to other folks on the Net. Mainly because of impasse’s which have happened from faltering into an Inactive awakened state IAS.

By sustaining the accords, we can shift the potential merits which should become available by actions which decree the initial standards of laws placed by beings who operate the machine in Gaia’s core.

Initially this was the communication brought down by Inter-Dimensional Beings, GRinD had potential to be read without notice of what was being transcribed while I was creating it.

It should become known in the Future, as we allow for higher uplinks to new Universal measures, by allowance of laws which exceeds what we can understand from our creations, our placements of laws. It’s a bit more complex than that which exists. Mainly because the laws are ingrained in the universe’s main language, which supports hyper generic coding towards life forms, which initially suspends, and transmutes, what is uncovered in a shift, of the consciousness within lifeforms.

If we allow for higher transmutations, it could potentially bring a being far back in time, with the associates, which heralded the initiative forces of the universal transcripts.

By chances we can view the bigger picture by allowing an immersion of what I have termed as the Hyper Velocity Factors, which if conjoined with telemetric systems, we can learn of the probable misunderstandings, which have shifted the timeline in addition to our calling on this Earth.

Pre-Contextual Core (In Adaptations) for Cohesive Alignments + *Repost from The Ongoing Experience Blog (T.O.E.)

Pre-Contextual Core (In Adaptations) for Cohesive Alignments +

Having said this, prepositioned Mapping systems, are driving simultaneous grid factors of a higher ordered mechanical structure for our lives augmentations + We attained a Higher Depiction or Singularity from the Confines, or Generalizations of Folks (People) who Allocate Data for Us.

Thank You, Goodbye!

P.S This is how we allocate data for surmounted charge particles (In effective routes) for adjustments pertaining to a higher singular quanta (K) Quark – By associations of a Technological system (Code) which assembles the numerated fractals – ACCESSED beyond DISPROPORTIONATE LINKS OF INTELLIGENCES. Which can be a Being* having said this… We surmount the probable guidance for folks who wishes to make Contact, Remember The general form Used here will be Email (TheOngoingExperience@Gmail.com) you are welcome to have a conversation within these “Explored” areas of expertise – In some cases, this allows for a higher singularity – in expressions of our core groups, which then sends on out the fractal access codes to beings whom are aligning towards the generated frequencies in the messages, then fractalize on out by dispositions of a quantum, flux-band/bandwidth which by then sends on out ripples through time/space and allocates data for you (Me) and others who partakes within these channelings.


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