Don’t Remember Putting this one Out on Here, (Somethings Which are just left for a Turnaround)

A model for Ascension


1.0 -/A depiction Inside


Alright, coming to new terms here (In Here), I will allow Mario, to find the eventual accelerated contextual mappings, in third eye visuals, after attaining a Link – To the Information – Related to our Augmentation (Vortex Contact Space).


1.1 -/Inside the Secret Space Program


We have attenuated beyond disproportionate links, being, the intelligence which is modulated from the exo-atmospheric variations within the Planet’s many “Bodies” to say the least – Etheric and beyond from Magnetism, and so on – Dimensional Overlap – Frequency Bursts and Adjustments pertaining to the Quantum Molecular Structures of the Planetary Whole (In Place) in the Universe by Surrounding “Entities”.

What we accentuate (Accelerate/Decelerate) On – Is made for our Greater “Turn-Ups” – In meaning, we have adapted to numerous flows of informational downloads -/ Acquitted for beings of a Higher “Overlay” – In Understandings, pertaining to the evolutionary Ladder – In depth Analysis – From on-out of disproportionate links. By deterioration – Means to gather here, the appropriate formulations for the vortex contact space to begin (In Depth) by analyzing the concurrent nodes (In Understandings) which overlaps the multidimensional barriers (Temporalities) in “Disguise” from aforementioned “Pre-maps” (Contextual mapping).

So in depth, the analyzed structures – For Ascension of our Beings, are made in Contemplations which is adjusted by the Quantum Molecular Structures (The Drive – Intake Point) – from assimulations (Contact Assisted Simulations).

So to temporize the effects of what we have gathered here, in this case, we allowed for Mario to CONJOIN the Etheric EFFECTS of the Multipliable Extortions founded upon delocalized/Prosperized Allocations, from on out – of the attenuations founded upon “Trust Funds”. Which is the same Mingle as the Opposite Polarized Adjacent Formulation of Thought (Idea) which comes in by extortion of the adjacent formulation of thought “Ingrained” – Implemented on Earth as the Economy (Economique Structure – Monetary System) and by “Trades” we have found how the allocations of the energetic modules (Cords) can lash on-out from disproportionate links the attenuations of hyper dimensional beings, (Transcriptions in Modulations by Exo-Quantum Algorithmic Factors) which suppresses and Transgresses in purposeful means the adjacent formulations of thoughts needed for us to understand where the information in {Creating – its vortex contact spaces} for algorithmic feedback allocations (Transmission Loops) – Founded upon channeling, in delocalized Prosperized Funds of Initiates beyond temporal alignments of the Downfall (Inquisitorial Mappings – WHEN ACQUIRED). Meaning in one place in time, it is “disguised” as a polar opposite of the Informational Dis-Fluctuations contemporizing the external cords – of activity – Founded Upon trust in “SYSTEMS” that utilize the telekinetic Data -/Exchange Group (Assimilations) – From on out within. It’s a Wired State of Being after attenuating / accelerating in malleable states of conscious energy (Awareness) shifting proponents of our souls (Under stressful or repeated situations {In another Reality} Temporality) – AKA the Multidimensional Spheres of physical counterparts – Matter in attenuation – by dispersions of the quantum molecular structures (Grids disposing simultaneous Understandings) the Concurrent nodes of Assimulations – Contemporized from “after effects” (Aftermath).

1.2 -/The Contextual Mapping would denote times of what we achieve (In great Lenghts) the Abolishments – What pertains to the Individual – Undivided Basis – for fractal Access beyond sub-normal proponents of thoughts which is equatorial towards beings of a higher amplitude in the energized scope from perception (Intake Points) from Reality.

Dispositional Fluctuations attenuate from-on Beyond Subtle Reasons (Thought Processes) which accentuates by delocalizing perpetual Agents (Rituals in Assessments) – From Neutralized Concords of the Assembly Modules.

1.3 -/The assembled Proprietor Factors – CONJOINED-IN-/WITH a Particular Agenda* to say the Least.



1.4 -/Contraction Point for the Assimulations


The Proprietor Fabrics Devolved in Here, Resembles what we will attain in/with clearer Insight after, disposing of the telemetric Systems which concurrently works by abundance (Formations) of telekinetic energy – Data exchange (Conversions of Energetic Modules) – & Through/with Acceptance.

Which means, the Singular Scope – Perceptual Field-Elevation “Structure”, is held from in-depth “programing” from the Liable structures of our Conjoined Trimetric Formulations of Thoughts (Expansion and Contraction) sending on Out from an Enormous – Gridview – Network of Folks whom Utilizes the Telekinetic Data exchange / Charge Particle* Similar Structures of the In-Depth TRUTHS which we may Find on out-About through Particular Means (Expositional Grid Exchange Points) – From on out of Assimulations (Contact Assisted Simulations) in Terminologies Experienced Here – By Abundant Formations, we want to allow you to find the exact Structures for our Hearts Well-Being / Adjacent Structures which goes on out – from the unseen Kinetics (Perspectives of the Higher Causes) of “Charged Particles” Disposing telemetric Data through Accumulation (The Charge – Dispel-Rink) *Think of Ovulation…

In depth, Meanings Change – Transgresses through multiple alliances, numeric Structures for Conditioning on a Higher Attributable formation of conscious energy (Conscious co-kinetics).


1.5 -/By the Occurrence of Thought


This is how we dispel, proprietor fabrics of the undulated cords (Of attachment) – Found Herein/Through here as adaptable/Confined Knowledge – Made by the Interpretations * Thoughtful Awareness. And by depiction of a title, which transgresses, partials of the totality, being the summed-Up Events, Numerated for accountability in future nodes (Coalescing with greater Truths -/In depth Truths – {For our Alliances} whichever Alliances they or these may be/become).


1.6 -/Turnaround – Group Consciousness (Levels Derivatives)


By Acknowledging the Interest, we have found purposeful means to gather consciousness in Exo-Spherical Notations/Connotations which are adaptable to truman figures/The exchange points for Contact.


1.7 -/Sines and Singularities

By depiction of a Title, the Aforementioned “Pre-maps” (Contextual Mapping/Map – Gateway) is made adjustable by In-Depth Analysis, portending to changes in the Quantum Analytical Remaps (Remapping Concurrent Nodes – Adjacent to Infinity).

Terminologies of this Gateway – has been made accessible by Localizing Agents from beyond contextual Mapping “In Time” Being-of * Left of Infinity.


1.8 -/The Quantum Loop (The Quantum Looper*)

This has been made accessible in the past, where modulations of the hyper active cores, would “Have” adapted towards our greater Understandings from the timelines which were “Created” By adjusting the “Time Scope” singular Momentum of what we portend to find as simply being an Accident*.

Purposeful Means to create with the greater attributions of thoughts which far-excels in what we have conjoined with in time by localizing agents to different areas around the world. The purposeful means of gathering intelligences at Many Intervals throughout Space and Time, which localizes some formulations for a contemporal “Glitch” (Glitching Prosperous amounts of Being within a Trans-Dimensional Compartmentalization Process).

These depictions may have been made from off-settled shores -/Of displacements within the multiple barriers, allocations of a temporality and submersible realms of thoughts (By depiction / Trumanship).

Namaste, we care for more in times of need, where areas of the World – Where in and above/Beyond their Head (Particular Setting for “the Clouds” to commence, Universal Uplink), Multiple allocations of the sub-contemporal realms of thought through intellectual gatherings within time of receiving these scripts*.

Namaste, We leave you in Joy, Be at One!


5 thoughts on “Don’t Remember Putting this one Out on Here, (Somethings Which are just left for a Turnaround)

  1. This looks very important, but I haven’t really read it yet, because I wanted to email this (a) message first. I wonder what a means. Anyway, the message is, I hope I didn’t freak u out by saying messages within messages, etc. At that moment, I had only been referring to I noticed that what’s in parentheses, summarizes with a hood overview the Larger Message (s), etc.

    Then, it made me think about the comment/question I asked today, etc. And it made me wonder was my Higher Self thru telemetry giving a message that 2 “Higher Aspects” were there when I was typing about Agartha.

    I started thinking about when I had been hooked up to the group, Remeberi g what Kyron wrote about me, etc, when everyone’s thoughts showed in white writing, etc. How I got upset another time over Kyron and pulled all internet chords out of the wall and had stopped all those things from happening, etc. But today is different. Now that I can understand your messages, I realize I made such a colossal jerk of myself for so long, etc, but I have realized it’s alright, as I had to learn Humility, as in Humbleness, not to be humiliated, etc.

    I don’t agree with the guy in South Africa that channels Kyron. He puts too much of his petsonal inyerpretations in yhe channelings. Mario, U must know I am very Honest. I didn’t put those y’s in.

    Anyway, I had been going to write a yrain of thought that I had 3xperienced leading me to the library to type this, but I’ve d3cided this is sufficient. I swear on my immortal soul, I didn’t purposely put those 3’s in either.

    Being telepathic, U should recognize I am being honest.

    P.S. I am going to chill out on the comments, etc.

    On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, Metamorphosing the Primal Sound wrote:

    > Mario Arseneault posted: “A model for Ascension 1.0 -/A depiction Inside > Alright, coming to new terms here (In Here), I will allow Mario, to find > the eventual accelerated contextual mappings, in third eye visuals, after > attaining a Link – To the Information – Rela” >


    • 3’s where a Depiction, a structural Code for “Implementations” of a Higher Order (Gradual Exchanges) of the Conformities – Leveling out the Playing Field of Discourses.

      It sounds Familiar, does it not? but then again the Charge Accumulation Point – Exists in All forms (Pertaining Matters) of Disclosures on a Wider Spectrum (Basis for Ascension) -/Through / With the Use of Telekinetic Map drive Systems. As found Here*


  2. 3’e’s

    Submitted by Mario on Sat, 04/04/2015 – 19:29


    Processes in-token from internal advice, compositions in the remake which corresponds to grids interlocking advents to infinity is conceptualized from internal activity as beliefs.

    The carry on, concepts is utilized for extensions of the core attributes, its conformal to system mappings while we require some of the intellectual draw back in attendance programs.

    What corresponds to key measures have interactions of the core genesis in mutual understandings throughout multiple concepts which emerge from temporal flux in acquaintances to systems viewed in predispositions, the fractals that are acquired from the temporal fluctuations may be scattered if we are responding to measures which acts out accordingly to synaptic modules, which accelerates the contents of the morphogenetic fields, what corresponds to measures in which we are adapting to some of the attributes which corresponds within our mutual understandings is in earnest some of the intellectual counterparts of individuals having emergences of time codes which are in analytical remaps and they contend to cohesive alignments within and after the fall.

    The frequencies which are gathered, and scattered throughout the fields in which we delve into from mutual understandings, individuals portending to fabrics which become immersive if we contend to the aboriginal synapsis which enables abrupt possibilities in how we make something valuable throughout core dispersions.

    The frequencies which align some of the matters which are a formal type (carry on) from advances in conventional measures which interacts as a conventional aspect of our being in the synapsing currents (waves) forming on end points of the admissible, which are actualizations of the higher transparency modules which accelerates the contents of our fields in predispositions as actualizations on the contemporary fractals acquiescing synapse will be evaluated at core genesis.

    In earnest the intellectual fields portends to fabrics which have shifted the subatomic core groups and decreased the awareness we had on temporal fluctuations while acquiescing in remorse some counterproductive avenues for immersions of analytical time codes in resurgence of ground matter, predisposed as eventual blocks to symmetrical anomalies while frequencies were being adjusted in temporal fluctuations.



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