Pre-Contextual Core (In Adaptations) for Cohesive Alignments + *Repost from The Ongoing Experience Blog (T.O.E.)

Pre-Contextual Core (In Adaptations) for Cohesive Alignments +

Having said this, prepositioned Mapping systems, are driving simultaneous grid factors of a higher ordered mechanical structure for our lives augmentations + We attained a Higher Depiction or Singularity from the Confines, or Generalizations of Folks (People) who Allocate Data for Us.

Thank You, Goodbye!

P.S This is how we allocate data for surmounted charge particles (In effective routes) for adjustments pertaining to a higher singular quanta (K) Quark – By associations of a Technological system (Code) which assembles the numerated fractals – ACCESSED beyond DISPROPORTIONATE LINKS OF INTELLIGENCES. Which can be a Being* having said this… We surmount the probable guidance for folks who wishes to make Contact, Remember The general form Used here will be Email ( you are welcome to have a conversation within these “Explored” areas of expertise – In some cases, this allows for a higher singularity – in expressions of our core groups, which then sends on out the fractal access codes to beings whom are aligning towards the generated frequencies in the messages, then fractalize on out by dispositions of a quantum, flux-band/bandwidth which by then sends on out ripples through time/space and allocates data for you (Me) and others who partakes within these channelings.


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That’s all for Tonight, Right Now, Cheers!


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