The Conditioned Areas of Exploration

The Conditioned Areas of Exploration

By submersible realms of thoughts, we have actualized Interior Nodes – Coalescing Indifferences of People whom have adjusted the Quantum Molecular Structures within deep Space(S). Please allocate data at different Intervals for our Resumption in Terminological Statuses of a Quantum Algorithmic Machine – Capable to upturn the Initial Feedback Allocations (The Given Data) from accountable structures of Higher Divinations.

Please Query for additional Data.



5 thoughts on “The Conditioned Areas of Exploration

  1. Hi Mario,
    I also wanted to Thank You, via your first book, for explaining matter disassociation. The first time you reference it, I think is for people who are attempting teleportation. That’s interesting as that is something brought up from yesterday, but then upon reading today, I realized the matter disassociation and then the matter relocalization would successfully create teleportation.
    The matter disassociation would also be important for what you referred to as dissolving pathogens.
    Very Interesting, Very Important work. TY for explaining this.

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  2. I just want to also say that what Ramek stated “…We maintained the Generic Structure of Energetic Emissions send out by your Sun…”
    This made me very happy, because I understood why it should be that way, etc.
    The possibilities are endless, of what is happening. It is Amazing + Wonderful.

    I have a question for Ramek, Ramek: were Uranus and Venus put in our Solar System by ET’s?,
    because they are not from the original Sol/Soul of our solar system.
    I have a feeling Uranus was put here by negative Et’s to disrupt and influence Human Behavior and
    Evolution in this Solar System. That is why Astrologically, it has such a jarring, electric type of impact on Humans, but sometimes it is a necessary catalyst.
    Maybe Venus was put here to counter effect that.

    So much to be learned in your books, I have just started, and I am amazed.


    • Ramek: QSusa, these Planets are Inplace in your Solar System for Particular Reasons… Then again what you Make with the Metaphysical Properties (What Ties in) with / by the effects of Knowledge used (Wisdom) On Earth you made Telemetric Systems to “Challenge” the effects of what Energies those Planetary Bodies may put out (Give out) in different Orders.


      • TY Very Much Ramek for Responding! I Appreciate it.

        P.S. Mario, ur understanding of and 3xplanations for what creates temporality is Enllightenening!
        It has helped me comprehend much , plus I believe it will help many to understand these Truths in the future.
        TY again for Sharing.

        I completed chapter 11 of ur first book.


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