Trying to make out what comes next

Part 2


We want to let you know, that in particular, things have happened Along the Way (Some things) which are left out from what we suspect is going to give us good reasons to understand this message (We are going to write a New Book, Called Knowledge from Extraterrestrial Intelligence’s Part 2.

So see here we finished the first book; Knowledge of Extraterrestrial Intelligence’s and now we have come about to a point where a second part should be added to (As a series) – In the future which may develop… Accordingly with time as people are ready to observe on a grander level of interpretation. We wish you good Luck (Findings) in what is foretold to come, as by depictions of a title (The turnaround) Group concept (Initial Idea) of what portends to the messages which will be “In the Book” should be regarded with greater expertise for those who may want to walk “With Angels” in some depiction (A way to understand – the ground mechanics of what portends to / An assimilation of Info made for readers to Acquire a Peculiar View concerning their life agendas) and how this book – will tie in correctly with the “Informational Agents” which may be placed for Core Productivity and Maybe get published “Officially”.

Thank you for Gathering the time to Come here on my web site and learn of many different things (Assimilate/Download) particular codes settings for the next round-up set’s of experiences in understanding and Hyper Generic Coding liable towards our genomes Internal Grid Systems.

That should be it for Now, I wish you a Great Day/Night, Farewell!

Namaste :)


Remain tamed

We helped Create this Together (Mylene; Anik; Mario) Enjoy!

The Flow of Poetry

Understanding Fabrics Made,

Stutter Softly, Remain Tamed.

Laughter Strongly Sooths the Game,

Enjoying Life All Pertains

No Levels of Interpretation, We delve in Disbain.

Disbelief of Past Mistakes, Lives Gone Far, Abrupt by My Name.

Potential to Understand, Where we Free Our Chains.

Potentiality to Understand Disbain, Casualty of Disbelief, Counter-Poised Areas of Rain.

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Drawing’s – Albums – List

Here’s a Re-post with my Drawings for free Downloads, and Here’s the Ones I added Since.

No Time



Razors Edge





Blue Circular

Deja Vu

Sand Man




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