No but seriously, If anyone of you can help us out this month Please make a donation 10$ 20, 30, 50, 100 Anything is acceptable, I usually get 50 and 100 dollars donations, but this only comes in about once a month + it’s someone who Supports us and knows us well (Me and Mylene + Westley our Son).

If you would like to “join in” and help us out I can do Readings for you in any particular way as They come. Either that or the messages will simply keep on being for whatever reasons they are needed to be put out there. As they all are linked to those (In time) who have the particular sense of understanding and getting the messages in time where needed for their own development and so on In-Depth Structures / Telemetry and Contact in Differing way’s (Telepathic Link). So please if you do enjoy these messages, give it a go to ask questions whatever they may be, and i’ll get back to you in time when ready.


You can Contact me with this address TheOngoingExperience@Gmail.com

Donations can be made here, Thank You for supporting me and my family!


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