Here’s a Message from Tomac

Here’s a Message from Tomac (Toe-Mach)

A new Individual (Been here) around the Earth. He has over 150 Years worth of Exploration and Technologies Utilized for Protection of the Grid Networks here on Earth.

Hello Beings! This is Tomac from the Andromeda Constellation, we have come here – Along with others of our group, to help humanity get to better agreement forms of how or what we concurrently (Are working with) Humans, by allowing “contracts” of sorts which is utilized in good conditions (Good Standing) towards the expositions we find on out through allocations of Data (Units) / Ships – Surrounding the Earth as a Fleet (Protective Fleet) with technologies that helps guard the multiple systems, from signals that are send on out through space, and beyond (Above/Within) the Earth’s Grids (Energetic Grid Systems) and the Flow of Information (World Networks).

Our genomes are – Precipices of the Human’s, with genetic Modifications of course as in Better allocations of the technological terms for our well being (In Space) and by gathering Greater extents of what we “Construe” in time – With teams / as in Beings whom have the capacity to make an Alliance (Group/Down here on Earth) with subtle contact formations.

We wish to have better Capacities from the algorithmic wave data assimulations form, from your premises Mario, as In Getting to know you better, Will allow us to Understand how to cope with the “General Mechanics” of your Surroundings (Events) – Implied Proper Events for routes taken into consideration of your needs and well Being.

That is all for now, We bid you a Farewell as in going to the Next Generation of Accessible Compartments for your Augmentations in new Spaces (Areas of Exploration).

Thank you for Joining in! Goodbye.

End Transmission


One thought on “Here’s a Message from Tomac

  1. TY Mario for this message, + TY Tomac and the Beings from the Andromeda Constellation.

    It gives me Great Reassurance that U r thete, providing protection for us, as we try to grow + strive in these circumstances.

    Blessings to All. Namaste.

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