Tomac (Toe-Mach) Message concerning Peace (Regarding the Interior Networks/Grid Networks of Human Beings)

Tomac (Toe-Mach) Message concerning Peace (Regarding the Interior Networks/Grid Networks of Human Beings)

Hello Being, We come for a Conclusion in how we attended in the past, by greater “residual” FORCES what we accentuate upon herein. The Duplicated world view’s, are the assembled production code for Hyper Management (Hyper Grid Management H.G.M.) which composes the renowned world wide web structure. The initiates of the concurrent understandings flowing flawlessly, by guidance of / Within our Ships & Command Centers. The command Centers are situated from on the far side of the Moon. Where areas of “Expositions” or “Mining” has happened along the way / With other beings – Regardless. We want to say that (Me and our Group) want to say to you reading this. That the effects transposed throughout allocations of this data. Confined from the generalizations (The point of you receiving the Intelligence) -/Wordings. The structural Implementation (Synapses) occurring within yourselves… As regardless of the opportunities found by algorithmic law’s – Data exchange Points.

Another way to say this, Is that we have acquired the right structural codes for implementations of sub-types of groups down here on Earth whom have a particular contract with us in these instances for a Resurgence* in the Alignments foretold to come on a ratter exponential basis, (Fractal Activity) – FROM Fractal Activity. The confined generalized KNOWLEDGE – By IMPLEMENTATION of GROUND CONTACT CODES (The structural COMPOUNDS of ASSIMULATIONS).

By Query, we have additional grid type / Groups – of the structured cores for assemblies which lies deep within the etheric formulations of your energetic bodies. Changing the congruent formulations of thoughts by depictions of a Higher Standard “Program” by allowance on form 11-Three-23 -/This has caused us to assess in time .. Mario, what portends to the initial IDEAS we can ACQUIRE in this DOCUMENTATION for STRUCTURAL SYNAPSES by allocations of data through algorithmic channels of energy.

Our ships are capable to allocate a differentials* exponential standings (Occurrences) of the Acquired grid SCRIPTURES for a Quantum Algorithmic Feedback Loop (Transmission).

The terminologies utilized in here has CONGRUENT NODES of EXCELLENCE for PREPOSITIONAL MAP DRIVE SYSTEMS acquiring the right structural codes from Emissions (Frequencies as Thoughts/Wordings) by the accumulated grid type ratios. We then on Interconnect to Beings whom have the capacity to ENCODE our MESSAGES (Decode its structural Implantation) from the ACTIVITY / FINDING CONGRUENT NODES OF THE ASSEMBLY MODULES which can be in partials or a totality, the driven forces of what you acquire in your daily venues (Traverses) to higher States of Being and Algorithmic Feedback Loop’s contending to the suprema of exchanges in accordance to form 11-Three-23.

Localizations of the aforementioned form is Inexistent… By chances of construing the right assembly modules, we will see it come to fruition in time, by allocating at different areas in space/Time/and The Other Dimensions. Which can be causations of what your Bodies Can Conclude / Create and Assemble (Depict) a structural energetic code for resurgence in telepathy and other (Guidance for Protecting the Conduits).

Goodbye, I shall leave this as is for the aforementioned messages, are going to come in on a ratter higher basis – portending to how Mario can Construed / Give on out with WELL BEING the structural codes for ascension (The Advance Modules).

Namaste, This has been Tomac from the Andromeda Constellation, we bid you Farewell.


End Transmission


2 thoughts on “Tomac (Toe-Mach) Message concerning Peace (Regarding the Interior Networks/Grid Networks of Human Beings)

  1. TY Mario + Tomac for that message.
    I am Grateful for the additional information U provided. Very Interesting.

    (I also finally found out about form 11 Three 23! :)

    Liked by 1 person

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