Traverses made beyond the Dual Band Energetic Transparent Frequency Assemblies


Fractal access is a Compartmentalized Node for Ascension of our Beings through a transgressional Impact Line. The associated Core Views (Attachments) found through a Localized super – sub-structured core is the Fractal Accessible Compartment Utilized for telekinetic Up-link to Universal Mind (Global Mind Superimpositional Mapping System) By acquiring the right Structural Code (Implementation) of a Higher Ordeal or Octave (Mainly of Perception/Through Perception with Awareness). What we become AWARE of in TIME resembles how we accumulate the right structural CODES for a Higher Mapping (Engraved Idealistic Principles of Thoughts) by an Accumulation Point “Subtle Accesses” to compartmentalized Knowledge By Inheritance (Beings whom give on out their Consensus on Fractal Access) -> Grids of a Higher Octave (Modulations of a Superimpositional Mapping System, placed upon Human Beings for Localization’s of a Temporality. The way in which they Utilize this “Temporality” is the same fractal access compartment frequency emission Utilized in the Far reaches of Space (Mind/Analogy) – Subatomic Realization of the Core conceptual Parts of Matter & Space in One singular Atom (Moment of Thought) -> Space Actuation (Activation of Rainbow Body – Similar in its Infrastructure but not at the right structural Implemented “Accord” for it to Manifest as a Constability) -> Aka – An Engraved Principle of Thought (State of Being) through Accumulated Points of Transgressional Impact Lines (Nodes Coalescing the Realized Point {Frequency Emission} Held stabled by Galactic Proportions of Undulated Energetic “Mods”) In other Words; The accumulated Fractal Accesses (Points which transgressional Impact Lines Coalesce by “Indifference”) Brings on out about a Similar construct of the Additional Grid Charge found through ANGER (Amplitude/Amplification of Dispensary) from Cosmetic Imprints “Programmable Charts Engraved Upon by Sub-Structured Assemblies” -> The effects Of emotions Gathered for Accountability (Truemanship) structured Core Assembly IN the Fractal GRID ACCESS POINT.



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